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Enhancing skill development using competency-based training

Competency-based online training emphasizes the demonstration of concrete and measurable skills. Companies should seriously consider implementing this approach to training, as it benefits all employees and lead to better performance and business success. Learning technologies such as learning management systems have taken competency-based online training to a whole new level, allowing L&D professionals to create a more personalized learning environment for trainees, where they can develop the right skills and acquire the right competencies.

This white paper presents what competency-based online training means, what to consider when creating such a program and how a business LMS can support L&D professionals every step of the way.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • What is competency-based training
  • How to develop it
  • How a business LMS supports competency-based training

Download this white paper now and start creating engaging training courses that look amazing and boost employee performance!

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