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5 Marketing metrics every solopreneur should keep an eye on

The measure of a successful marketing campaign is an increase in sales and, ultimately, revenue. However, there are some other checkpoints in your entrepreneurship journey. Since most marketing activities occur in a highly demanding online environment, there’s no shortage of marketing metrics.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the best way to expand your brand, only a few of these key performance indicators (KPIs) truly matter. Keeping an eye on them will help you tweak and upgrade your campaigns for superior results:

  1. Engagement on social media

    Counting the number of views on a Facebook post or Tweet isn’t enough. You should keep track of the reactions, shares, and comments on your content. Find out what makes your followers tick by building a comprehensive buyer persona, doing research, and preparing several message versions to test.

  2. Convert visitors into leads

    One way to convert visitors into leads is to include calls to action (CTAs) in your social media posts – ask them to go to your product page, leave a comment, sign up for your newsletter, leave their information with you to receive a free sample or an ebook.

  3. Returning visitors

    People might visit your online course website or landing page more than once as potential clients are used to weighing their options before completing a purchase. That’s why your website must give visitors incentives to come back, such as pop-ups that ask them to join your email list in exchange for exclusive content or a discount code.

  4. Convert leads into customers

    It’s better to focus on your target audience’s needs and preferences than having many leads at the beginning. You’ll have a better chance of selling a course to those who are genuinely interested. If you have to start by building up the need for online courses, it will take longer, and it’s not likely that you’ll manage it anyway.

  5. Revenue per visitor

    The revenue per visitor is calculated by simply dividing your total revenue by the number of visitors. To increase this number, you can use special discounts if they opt for more than one product, offer early-bird specials, or give better prices to those who not only purchase but convince a friend to do so as well.

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