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Optimize your investment with CYPHER Care

CYPHER Care is a complete support and services package designed to assist organizations in maximizing the value of their CYPHER Investment. It features 24/7 support, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, integration and migration expertise, and services such as training, implementation, customization, strategy and course creation. The program aims to facilitate a smooth adoption of the platform through strategic guidance and technical support, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Customer support

CYPHER Care offers 24/7 support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help companies extract the maximum value from their technology and foster skills development. CYPHER Solution Architects assist in overcoming learning challenges, by identifying opportunities for improvement.

Integration - NEW

Our advanced Bidirectional Data Synchronization creates a dynamic bridge between CYPHER and third-party platforms, enabling a seamless exchange of data. Activate synchronization with precision, whether in response to user actions or through automated scheduling.

Integration - NEW

Our advanced Bidirectional Data Synchronization creates a dynamic bridge between CYPHER and third-party platforms, enabling a seamless exchange of data. Activate synchronization with precision, whether in response to user actions or through automated scheduling.

CYPHER Connect and Zapier integration

Embrace the power of CYPHER Connect and Zapier to craft custom, automated workflows that bridge the gap between CYPHER and other software applications.

Custom Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions

We now offer specialized SSO solutions for organizations requiring compatibility beyond OAuth 2.0, ensuring a secure and streamlined user experience.

Data and content migration - EVEN MORE

Migrate your data with confidence using our blend of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Manual Data Transfer. Our experts ensure a swift, meticulous, and trustworthy transition, preserving the integrity of your data and minimizing downtime.

You don’t have to worry about moving your content from one platform to another. We can assist with migrating your existing content to our platform, including the creation of custom migration tools when appropriate.

  • RPA migration: Automate the migration of essential data with our custom RPA bots, designed for efficiency and alignment with the CYPHER platform.

  • Manual data transfer: For intricate data sets that require a personal touch, our specialists meticulously transfer and adapt your data, ensuring a seamless integration into CYPHER.

Training services

We deliver on-site training at your location or we can set up online training, depending on your institution’s needs. All our instructors are experts with our platform, and the training includes plenty of hands-on experience for you and your staff.

We can provide customized training that covers a range of topics that you specifically request. We also do workshops, webinars, and we can provide certifications for Professional Development for your team.


CYPHER can help with every aspect of implementation, so you can start teaching and learning online in no time. We have experience with deploying to various types of institutions, from small schools and businesses to big districts of universities and networks of companies.

We can provide implementation assistance, setting up your portal, creating accounts, setting up classes, integrating with your email and authentication systems, and more.

Course creation

With CYPHER Copilot, you can create a gamified, multimedia, competency-based course in minutes. Learn more about CYPHER AI 360!

Our team of instructional design experts can help with transforming your e-learning content. We can assist with 
putting together outlines for classes, creating competenciesimproving the design of your content, adding media files, and more.

We can assist with importing existing content into the platform and working together to make sure it’s ready and visually appealing for your learners.


We can work with your team to build a strategy for a smooth adoption of the platform in your institution. We can create a personalized strategy for your learners and teachers based on your goals, so that everyone will use the platform successfully.

Our team is made of professionals with years of experience in education and we understand deeply the needs of academic institutions when it comes to integrating technology. We can also create advocacy programs that promote personalized and inclusive education in your institution.

CYPHER Care services at-a-glance

LMS Administrators

Services CYPHER Care
API version 2.0 Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) Yes
Support request per month 15
Client assigned admin users to access support / CSM 5
Initial response (Goal*) 1 hour
Support request resolution (Goal*) 24 hours
User training Up to 10 hours within 6 mos
Support request reports Upon request
Dedicated support representative Add-on
Portal design and configuration Add-on

* The number of hours indicated is the optimized goal of response time

Support / Services

Services CYPHER Care
Guided implementation Yes
Content transformation / Content creation Add-on
Data migration Add-on
Content migration Add-on
Integration Add-on
Strategy Add-on

Other professional services

Services CYPHER Care
Customer Advisory Board Eligible
Workshops Unlimited access
Support portal branding Add-on
Webinars / Courses Various
Referral Program Fee / closed new accounts Reward program
Custom integration maintenance 20% discount
Unlimited community support Yes
Unlimited access to CYPHER Learning Community Yes
Unlimited access to CYPHER Learning LMS Admin Community Yes

Additional services*

Incident reports
Sandbox environment
Custom development
Consultancy hours
Additional support incident

* Not part of CYPHER Care

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