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Top benefits of CYPHER for business

CYPHER is a complete training solution that incorporates all the tools that companies need for creating the best L&D programs and selling online courses. Companies of all types and sizes choose CYPHER because it’s:

  1. Easy to use

    Learning becomes an enjoyable experience for any user thanks to our beautiful platform. CYPHER has an intuitive interface with a smooth navigation that is created with the users' needs in mind and looks great on any device.

  2. Easy to implement

    CYPHER is designed to ensure a smooth implementation. Most of our clients are able to configure and customize their learning portal within a few hours, without any technical skills.

  3. Suited to your needs

    CYPHER can be personalized to fit your specific training needs. You can customize many aspects of the platform to match your brand, enable and disable features, and integrate your favorite third-party tools.

  4. A productivity booster

    Our platform increases learner engagement, which leads to an improved workflow and higher levels of productivity. Learners are more motivated to interact with course materials when gamification, rewards and goals are also involved.

  5. A time saver on training activities

    Instructors can easily create captivating courses without any design skills, keep their teaching materials in a centralized location, and get instant access to important learner information. All these saves them invaluable time.

  6. A profit maker

    No matter in which industry you activate, knowledge is the key to success. That’s why CYPHER provides all the tools organizations need to increase their revenue through creating, marketing and selling professional online courses.

  7. A magnifying glass over learner performance

    Instructors can get targeted data on where trainees fall behind and therefore can adjust the courses to improve results. They can evaluate learners effortlessly and track their progress at any point in the learning process.

  8. Right there when learners need it

    Employees can have access to training materials anytime, everywhere and easily keep track of their schedule. CYPHER enables learning at the point of need and this helps trainees become more self-directed learners.

  9. A collaboration facilitator

    Learning is an organic process that involves social relationships. CYPHER provides a convenient environment for collaboration between users thanks to tools such as groups, chats, wikis, forums, and web conferencing.

  10. A cost saver

    CYPHER helps your organization save money by delivering a cost-effective L&D solution. Training and support costs are minimized and our license fees are cost-effective.

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