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What's next? Teaching in the aftermath of a pandemic

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we teach and learn. Now that enough time has passed, we have more insight into what role technology has played in all of this. The time of campus closures has made it clear how important it is for academic institutions to have readily available solutions for their faculty and students.

Embracing e-learning is still critical to limit future disruption and provide continuity for students. Now is the time for universities to consider implementing solid edtech strategies by changing their paradigm about using technology in the classroom, shifting to a more asynchronous teaching mindset, and learning from institutions that have already done this successfully.

What we will discuss in this webinar:

  • How technology has been used during the pandemic
  • Edtech success stories - how have institutions maintained or even improved learning outcomes with technology solutions
  • New and emerging strategies and how they will shape the next 12 months and beyond
  • Automation, AI, other new technologies and their impact on teaching into the future
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