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The State of Corporate Learning and Development in 2023: Stuck in the middle
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Redefining student assessment in remote learning

The post-pandemic reality comes with many challenges, one of which is related to redefining the way educators give assessments to their students. Whether learning takes place remotely or in person, it’s important to maintain academic integrity and foster the value of honesty among students. We want to ensure students acquire the necessary skills for original writing.

In this session, we will showcase some of the best practices to transform assessments and modernize the way students submit work.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • The importance of academic integrity and the value of honesty among learners
  • Best practices to redefine and transform the way assessments are given
  • The benefits of moving from a closed-book exam to an open-book assessment
  • How to use Turnitin and CYPHER Neo™ in providing student assessments
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