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The State of Corporate Learning and Development in 2023: Stuck in the middle
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Aligning training programs with the needs of a virtual workforce

As hybrid and virtual working environments are becoming the new normal, L&D professionals need to find new ways to engage work-from-home learners. If we want to boost employee performance, we need to consider that flexible working spaces are here to stay.

Having a future-ready workforce is something that every business should consider and start planning for. Restructuring our training programs may sound like an awful lot of work, but it can be achieved by aligning them with the virtual workspace. Reimagining corporate eLearning and repurposing training by making it flexible will drive business performance forward.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why repurposing your L&D courses is so important and how to achieve this goal
  • Why it’s important to plan for a future-ready workforce
  • How to implement various eLearning strategies into your programs to boost employee performance
  • How to integrate flexible hybrid learning journeys to promote an efficient workforce
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