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CBS News TechWatch | CYPHER CEO talks about why putting AI in teachers’ hands is a powerful tool
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Webinar CYPHER Learning

Unlock the power of integration to enhance modern learning

CYPHER Learning takes a unique approach to platform integration while changing perspectives on what's possible via integration on a cloud-based platform. In this webinar, our CTO, Iyad Jabri, will explore how to simplify workflow integration and show you how to seamlessly create workflows between the CYPHER platform and other enterprise applications, including HRIS and CRMs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The various integration types and workflows
  • An overview of CYPHER's integrations with the most popular and useful systems
  • New feature release - API 2.0 Integration
  • CYPHER Connect - workflows between CYPHER and thousands of enterprise applications, including HRIS and CRMs
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