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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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Matt Phillpott

Matt Phillpott

Matt Phillpott is a writer, educator, and historian from the Kent seaside (England), but now residing in London. With over a decade of experience in Edtech in the Higher Education sector, Matt balances his interest in education with studies of book history and honeybees. Follow him on Twitter @mphillpott.

How does online learning support non-traditional students?

Learning management systems (LMS) have many purposes and uses, but the main one should be to support all students on their learning journey. However, often the thought that goes into the LMS is around...

How to use the LMS for a smooth student onboarding process

First impressions matter. The first encounter, the student onboarding process, between the student and college, sets the tone for the future relationship. When it goes wrong, it can contribute to stud...

8 Exciting International Literacy Day activities for students

International Literacy Day activities take place annually on 8 September. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend extra time engaging students and motivating them to elevate their reading and writing skil...

5 Activities to teach your students how to spot fake news

How to spot fake news? These two words have trended in the last decade as a way of describing news and information that is false. It is not as simple as that, though. Other words like misinformation, ...

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