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Competency-based learning

Unleash progress, one skill at a time


Building mastery and real-world skills

Competency-based learning (CBL) is the method of acquiring and demonstrating skills incrementally. Think of each skill as a foundational building block; proficiency in one skill is a prerequisite for advancing to the next. This process is like building a strong tower of skills. CYPHER leverages the CBL method to help ensure learners have a comprehensive understanding of each skill before moving on to subsequent ones. Whether you're an educator shaping young minds or a professional seeking advanced training, CYPHER's competency-based learning platform facilitates the mastery of concrete, real-world skills.

“CYPHER Learning is not your typical “way inside the box” parochial learning tech. This is a supercharged next-generation technology platform that rocks competency and skills-based learning.”
michael-rochelle Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer of Brandon Hall Group

Create and map competencies

Automatic competency mapping

CYPHER offers flexibility in competency creation. Trainers can either generate competencies directly within the platform or upload their customized list. Utilize CYPHER AI 360 with Copilot to seamlessly generate and align competencies with content, assessments, and reporting. Access the extensive CYPHER library, including thousands of pre-loaded competencies and job roles, or upload your own specific competencies for a personalized experience. AI 360 streamlines the competency-mapping process, saving significant time compared to traditional manual efforts, allowing you to create comprehensive, personalized courses in minutes.

Upload content for next-level personalization

With options to have CYPHER AI 360 with Copilot pull exclusively from your uploaded content, you can quickly create courses tailored to the content on which you teach and train. Upload videos, PDFs, and other proprietary materials. AI 360 with Copilot will take care of the rest. Create a full course from the materials, complete with quizzes, gamification, competencies, and more. With the convenience of AI 360, empower your workforce or classroom with efficiently curated courses derived from your internal knowledge base and brand.

Coverage analysis of competencies

After tagging the content and assignments with competencies, see an overview of how well your course covers the competencies. This is a great way to identify weak spots in the course content and help to ensure each competency is being taught and assessed during the class or training.

Save and share competencies as resources

Crafted competencies live in the resources library, ready for reuse across multiple courses. Beyond individual classrooms, these competencies can be easily shared among teachers within a school or district or extended to trainers and teams in an expansive enterprise setting. This ensures efficient collaboration and maximizes the impact of well-designed competencies across diverse educational and training environments.

Engage learners

Customized learning paths

Craft personalized learning journeys for learners, fostering continuous development and guiding their progression. In competency-based learning, where learners advance at their own speed, this feature empowers individuals to concentrate on specific areas, ensuring mastery of each competency before advancing.


Adaptive learning automation

Implement automation to strategically unveil or conceal content based on learners’ progress and skill level. This maximizes content relevance and boosts engagement. Define mastery rules to unlock advanced modules, ensuring a dynamic learning progression. For example, if a learner achieves more than 80% on a competency, you can unlock an advanced lesson. If they stay between 30 - 40% for more than 10 days, set up a rule to send learning recommendations.


Certification and badges

Automatically award certificates and badges upon the completion of competencies or courses. Certificates and badges can be customized to meet the unique needs of your learners. This recognition serves as motivation for learners while acknowledging their mastery in particular areas, enhancing their sense of achievement and progress.


Manage and measure mastery

Measure and track learner progress

Personalize courses to suit each learner’s pace and mastery. CYPHER blends competency-based learning with robust analytics for precise tracking. Quickly identify if learners need extra support and intervene promptly. As learners progress, gain insights into their mastery levels and grasp of concepts through the mastery grid, pinpointing their stronger and weaker areas. Elevate learning experiences with comprehensive progress monitoring and targeted support.

Learner view of mastery

Tracking mastery progress provides learners with a clear understanding of their proficiency levels in various competencies, helping them identify strengths and areas for improvement. Learners can strategically focus on enhancing specific competencies relevant to their desired roles, ensuring targeted skill development. As they consistently demonstrate mastery,  they build a robust foundation for career advancement. This proactive approach to competency-based learning serves as a valuable tool for learners to shape their professional journey.

Diverse assessment tools

Select from our array of 16 assessment tools, including quizzes, assignments, and projects, to gauge learner competency and mastery. Align assessments with specific competencies for targeted and effective evaluation. Tailor your assessment approach to ensure relevance and precision in measuring learner proficiency. This strategic assessment process enhances learners' overall skill development, fostering continuous improvement and better preparing them for career advancement and mastery in their chosen fields.


“One of the things that we are really excited about is being able to tie the state or national standards as competencies. This shows schools evidence that students are meeting standards.”

Dani Bates,
Executive Director STEM Initiatives at 21stCentEd


“CYPHER Learning is not your typical “way inside the box” parochial learning tech. This is a supercharged next-generation technology platform that rocks competency and skills-based learning.”

Michael Rochelle,
Chief Strategy Officer of Brandon Hall Group


“It has really helped us make sure that everybody is on the right track in mastering, or at least acquiring, fundamental knowledge and skills before they proceed to the next module.”

Maria Isabel Hipolito,
Vice President Academics at STI Education Services Group, Inc.