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AWS Partner

AWS provides CYPHER users with a robust, secure, and scalable platform 


Top benefits of AWS for CYPHER customers

Cloud show up and down arrows to signify AWS cloud hosting


CYPHER is a cloud-hosted solution that runs on Amazon cloud - designed for fault-tolerance and resilience. CYPHER has copies hosted in more than one Amazon data center with automatic failover support. Daily backups are automatically performed for disaster recovery, and these backups are stored in multiple locations for extra redundancy. 

Computer and arrow upwards showing AWS scalability


AWS enables CYPHER to scale up and down its computing resources based on demand and traffic, ensuring customers have uninterrupted access to the CYPHER platform.

Open folder and lock to represent AWS security features


AWS provides advanced security features to help protect customers’ data and prevent unauthorized access to the CYPHER platform.

Partnership built for customers

Partnership goal

Help business and academia optimize their learning and development processes and improve overall organizational performance.