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AI-powered lessons and visuals

CYPHER AI 360 with Copilot doesn’t just create competency-mapped and gamified courses. From turning static lessons into multisensory learning experiences and generating images for courses, AI 360 has everything you need to take your courses from good to great – while saving time and resources. All of our AI-powered tools are packaged, purposeful, and intuitive, so you can create without any knowledge of AI.

“Any vendor who shows you a content creator tool with Gen-AI and says it is the best, I am telling you that so far, this one is.” john-leh Craig Weiss

AI voiceover - Choose from 35+ AI voices or add your own

Elevate your learning environment with CYPHER's advanced voice synthesis technology, seamlessly transforming static lessons into dynamic and multisensory experiences. Experience a spectrum of over 35 voices, allowing for a personalized touch to suit different preferences. Allow learners to tailor the pace of read-aloud lessons depending on their preferences by adjusting reading speeds to their liking.

CYPHER’s AI voiceover also enables you to upload your own voice to add a personalized and unique dimension to learning. This not only enhances accessibility for a broader audience but also contributes to improved language acquisition, and ultimately results in heightened learner engagement.

AI image creation - Let AI 360 be your graphic assistant

Gone are the days of having to scour the internet for relevant imagery for your courses, ensuring there aren’t any copyright issues associated with it, and uploading it into your LMS. CYPHER AI 360 with Copilot can generate course tiles for any of your courses in just a few minutes. Choose from dozens of image styles – 3D model, analog film, comic book, digital art, and more. Your course imagery just got a whole lot simpler, more diverse, and less time consuming.


AI media sourcer - Have AI 360 integrate relevant media externally or internally

Visuals have been found to improve learning by up to 400% and enable learners to process information faster. That’s why CYPHER AI 360 with Copilot can automatically include relevant videos and images in the courses it generates. Scouring the internet for relevant content can be a challenge. AI 360 will pull around ten relevant media types – from photos, to videos, infographics, and more – per instance and allow you to sift through and choose which ones you would like to include in your course.


“CYPHER Learning is helping us to create in-depth courses on niche subjects that we would never have had the time to address before.”

Director of Online Education, Icon Collective College of Music


“CYPHER Copilot was easy to use and will enable our instructors to create up to 20 more new courses a month.”

Massage Training Manager, Australian Institute of Fitness


“In the industry, it takes a minimum of 40 hours to create an hour's worth of content. Here you’re getting to 80-90% in 10 minutes.”

John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst, Talented Learning