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CBS News TechWatch | CYPHER CEO talks about why putting AI in teachers’ hands is a powerful tool
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AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

AI-powered tool. World's first.

AI 360 with Copilot on the CYPHER platform accelerates the creation of competency-based, gamified, courses, with assessments and reporting in minutes - laying the foundations for personalized learning at scale.


Let’s get a few things straight. CYPHER Copilot is a powerful tool - a world first that will forever change the way you teach and train. It is an AI-powered tool designed to help people, not replace people. After all, it’s called Copilot, not autopilot. We take a 360 degree approach to AI, a strategy that is thoughtful, purposeful, and puts people first. With CYPHER Copilot, supercharge your training and teaching experience. Build multimedia, gamified, skills-based training with assessments in under 10 minutes and for under $10 per course. 

See CYPHER Copilot work its magic

Graham Glass, CEO, demonstrates the power of CYPHER Copilot. See how Copilot takes care of the tedious aspects of course creation while adding dynamic, engaging, and gamified learning elements

CYPHER Copilot Demo
Dr. Who course creation in minutes

Competency generation and mapping
Course outline
Modules and sections
Assessments and rubrics
Automation and gamification
Create any course and what's next
CYPHER Copilot Demo
UNIX and C programming course creation in minutes

Intro and what can Copilot help you create
Competency generation and mapping
Course outline, modules, and sections
Assessments and rubrics
Question banks
Automation and gamification



From 430 hrs to 10 minutes!
From $15,000 to $10!

On average, a 10 module course can take 430 hours or more to create at a cost of around $15,000!

See how CYPHER Copilot can massively reduce course creation costs in our infographic below.

Create a whole course or parts

It's up to you


Gamified. Personalized. Multimedia.

In under 10 minutes


Do all this and more with CYPHER Copilot:


Comprehensive course creation. Copilot can help build every part of a course! From course outlines to course content. From quizzes to essay questions. From rubrics to gamification. Ask Copilot to build the whole course or just parts - it’s up to you!


Accelerated curriculum and course design, including course outlines, descriptions and content in over 50 languages. Copilot enables the generation of an entire course in minutes, allowing the selection of materials that reflect individuals’ style and objectives in a fast and cost-effective way.


Targeted assessments to track learner progression and identify gaps, including rubric creation and question banks. Copilot helps trainers and educators to automatically generate detailed quizzes, games, and assessments to help evaluate learner progress. 


Embedded gamification to increase learner engagement. Copilot gamifies courses to bring development to life and inspire learners, improving information retention and understanding to deliver better outcomes.


Competency creation. Copilot eliminates the tedious process of competency-based learning. Let Copilot generate and map the competencies for you. Copilot enables organizations to generate competencies, create courses that align to those competencies, along with question banks and assignments that automatically align with those competencies - right down to the question level. 

What Brandon Hall Group says about CYPHER Copilot

Yes, Copilot can


Build a competency-based, multimedia class in your language...

Faster than you can brush your teeth.


This is the beginning, not the end

Graham shares about CYPHER Copilot and AI in education and L&D. Copilot 1.0 is just the beginning. There’s much more to come! In the first release, Copilot offers comprehensive course and competency creation - a gigantic leap for educators, trainers, and teachers everywhere! 
Let CYPHER Copilot do 80% of the mundane work
You take care of the 20% for lasting impact

CYPHER Copilot takes care of 80% of the work required to design and curate courses, competencies and assessments, meaning teachers and trainers can focus their attention on the final 20%. The final 20% needs: human intelligence, validation of content and the overall learning experience. Afterall, it's called Copilot, not auto pilot.

Ask yourself, how much time you can get back to teach and train if you had CYPHER Copilot?


Customers experiencing Copilot's magic

CYPHER can feed your hungry LMS

CYPHER can be an LTI consumer like other LMSs, but is unique since it is also an LTI provider. Publish content within CYPHER to any LMS platform (Canvas, Blackboard etc.) that supports LTI. 


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to create a course with CYPHER Copilot?

We are currently seeing an average of 5 to 10 minutes to create a comprehensive course including assessments, gamification, competency, and more. Though CYPHER Copilot can get 80% of the mundane work done in minutes, the final 20% still needs human intelligence to validate the content and overall learning experience. Afterall, it's called Copilot, not auto pilot.

We use a variety of AI technologies. At CYPHER, we take a holistic approach called AI 360 - a thoughtfully guided and purposeful packaging of AI to benefit everyone involved in the learning experience.

If you used ChatGPT this is what you would need to do for a single course with the assumption that it would require 150 inquiries to use ChatGPT to create a course.

  1. Identify the 150 inquires (questions) you need to ask ChatGPT
  2. Ask ChatGPT 150 questions
  3. Consolidate all the responses
  4. Put the responses in a course template
  5. Remaining steps are manual such as formatting, gamification, assessments, competencies mapping, and rubrics mapping.

So while useful to get base content, that is ChatGPT where it stops.

No. Copilot is guided and meaningful with AI-packaged up behind the scenes. You don’t need to be trained on how Microsoft Word works, you just need to know how to use it. Right? Same for Copilot.

  • It’s real - this is NOT a BETA release. 
  • Copilot took on the hard stuff - not just creating a slide or two with a picture or creating a course outline which can be done by ChatGPT by itself.
  • Uses and will continue to use the latest AI technology that is purposefully defined and developed for meaningful use cases.

Yes! Using the LTI standard, CYPHER can embed courses into any other LMS that uses LTI. This means you get more than just beautiful course content. You also get engaging and comprehensive gamification, assessments, competencies, reporting and measurement when using the CYPHER platform. See more about LTI

Yes! We have enterprise-class integration capabilities that make it easy. See more about integrations.

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