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Google tools

CYPHER Learning® integrates with many useful tools from Google that enhance online teaching, training, and learning.

Google Meet

The CYPHER platform integrates with Google Meet, so teachers, trainers, and learners worldwide can easily communicate and learn, regardless of their location. As an educator or trainer you can quickly create and schedule Google Meet meetings from within the platform.

Google Drive

If you’re used to having all your materials on Google Drive, you can easily embed any Google Drive file into the CYPHER platform. You can add files in various locations such as lessons, assignments, or even as separate resources for your learners to grab.

Google Workspace Single Sign-on

If you’re already using Google Workspace, then learners, teachers, and trainers can access the CYPHER platform with their Google login details. With just one click they’re logged in and you don’t have to worry about setting up a separate username and password for them.

Google Assignments

The CYPHER learning platform has a built-in integration with Google Assignments, so that teachers using Google for Education, can easily create, grade, and analyze Google Assignments directly within the platform, as they would with any other CYPHER assignment.

Google Fonts

Personalize your site using Google Fonts. Our integration allows you to select as many Google Fonts as you like to use in various areas of our platform, such as the content editor or in custom themes.