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John Kannapell as President for expansion and market leadership

HRTechCube reports on CYPHER Learning's new President and COO John Kannapell. Read the full article.

The AI Skepticism Gap Between Managers And Workers And How We Close It

Graham Glass pens this byline, "The AI Skepticism Gap Between Managers And Workers And How We Close It," which delves into the disconnect that C-level leaders and employees have about using AI in thei...

19 DEI Obstacles Leaders Have Overcome

Graham Glass provided his insight on this latest Forbes article, "19 DEI Obstacles Leaders Have to Overcome."

New Jersey healthcare company introduces upfront tuition coverage for employees

HR Dive included findings from CYPHER Learning's L&D report: The state of corporate L&D 2023 in its recent article.

AI and CYPHER Learning with Graham Glass

Listen to Graham Glass speak with Mark Taylor, host of the Education on Fire podcast, about CYPHER Learning and leveraging AI in training, education, and L&D.

You Could Pay Millions in Fines for Not Adhering to New Compliance Regulations That Take Effect This Year

Graham Glass offers valuable tips on how companies can keep up with compliance in his recent Entrepreneur byline. Read the full article.

20 Talent Acquisition Tips For New Recruiters And HR Managers

Graham Glass provides his insights on how organizations can seek out the best talent in this Forbes article, "20 Talent Acquisition Tips for New Recruiters and HR Managers."

The risks of shadow AI and what leaders can do to prevent it

Graham Glass speaks to IT Pro about the risks of shadow AI and the benefits of fostering a business culture where people can be open with their use of AI.

Navigating Layoffs: 20 Cost-Saving Strategies Every Leader Should Know

Forbes asked Graham Glass for his advice for their latest topic of navigating layoffs and cost-saving strategies. Read the full story.

Non-compliance can result in damage, injury, revenue loss, and legal action

Benefits and Pension Monitor covers our compliance survey report, The True Cost of Rule Breakers in Workplace Compliance. Read the full story.

How artificial intelligence is set to transform learning in 2024

Graham Glass, Founder and CEO of CYPHER Learning, discusses why artificial intelligence will reshape the learning and development industry this year in Business Age.

20 Key Leadership Competencies for Stronger Staff Engagement

Graham Glass shares his insights in this latest Forbes article, "20 Key Leadership Competencies for Stronger Staff Engagement."

Most HR leaders surveyed believe employees are breaking the rules

HR Brew's Courtney Vinopal interviewed Graham Glass about CYPHER Learning's latest compliance report. Read the full article.

Why is everyone talking about… employee rule-breaking?

£1.6 million. That’s the average amount employee rule-breaking costs UK businesses per year, according to research from CYPHER Learning. But it’s not because employees are actively setting out to caus...

National Apprenticeship Week 2024: Sector Response

The theme of National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is ‘skills for life’. In this new article, Graham Glass, CEO and Founder of CYPHER Learning speaks to FE News about the value of promoting individual ski...

8 Predictions for AI in 2024

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) featured our blog, "8 Prediction for AI in 2024".

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