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Building Bright Futures: How Effective L&D Can Transform Workplace

CYPHER Learning reveals a clear path to happier, more engaged employees through effective Learning and Development (L&D). The findings highlight the positive impact of well-executed L&D programs on em...

Study Reveals How Effective L&D Can Enhance Workplace Happiness and Unlock Workers ‘ Potential

According to CYPHER Learning research, well-executed L&D programs have a direct and positive impact on employee retention and satisfaction, especially among younger workers. Moreover, companies that p...

Ineffective managers and L&D programs holding workers back

Read the latest learning and development news, including CYPHER Learning's study into the impact of learning and development (L&D) on career growth, in Training Journal.

Lack of L&D is making younger workers want to quit

Explore the latest CYPHER Learning study uncovering the influence of learning and development (L&D) on individual career growth and workplace satisfaction in The HR Director.

Fostering a positive AI culture in business

Graham Glass, CEO and Founder, CYPHER Learning, explores why businesses should treat artificial intelligence as a friend, not a foe, in Business Reporter.

How upskilling drove Lando Norris to his maiden F1 victory

According to CYPHER Learning research, 77% of UK workers feel their organisation’s training could be better. Read more in TechInformed.

Schools of the Future: How Next-Generation Competency-Based Learning is Transforming Education

Graham Glass, Founder and CEO of CYPHER Learning, explores a modern approach to competency-based learning tailored to student’s needs and interest in a new contributed article published in Good News P...

Lack of training hindering career progression, study reveals

Failure in management and lack of quality training and development opportunities are leaving employees feeling hindered in their career progression, according to new research by CYPHER Learning. Find ...

Is the UK workforce in trouble?

Graham Glass, Founder and CEO, CYPHER Learning, speaks about new data from CYPHER Learning which unveils widespread problems like poor training, unsuitable management, and deep-seated favouritism. Lis...


CYPHER Learning research investigating the impact learning and development has on individual career growth and workplace happiness. Read more in Workplace Wellbeing Professional.

Every office could use a skills guru

CYPHER Learning research is referenced in an article about training and development in the workplace. Read more in The Times.

How to get learning at work and boost your earning potential

Graham Glass speaks to The Sun about the importance of fostering a culture of learning in the workplace.


Graham Glass, Founder and CEO of CYPHER Learning, discusses in TNGlobal the future and role of Artificial Inteligence in education. "With good short-term choices to leverage AI wisely, we’ll spark a s...

The Future of AI and Education

Graham Glass, Founder and CEO of CYPHER Learning, explores the potencial of AI in education in Good News Pilipinas.

AI tool boosts trainee pass rates in medical coder certification tests

Generative learning platform CYPHER Learning has raised pass rates on certification exams for students at the The Health Information Management Training Institute (HIMTI), HIMTI said. HIMTI students i...

Exploring The Future Of Generative AI In Learning

Graham Glass converses with Brandon Hall Group's Chief Strategy Officer Michael Rochelle about GenAI's potential to transform the learning and development landscape. Listen to the full podcast.

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