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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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Roxana Mitu

Roxana Mitu

Roxana is a learning and development (L&D) professional with over ten years experience in corporate training.

Subscription learning: Because repetition is the mother of learning

We humans have always had a tendency to find our models in the animal kingdom. We can be free as birds, stubborn as donkeys, happy as clams, grumpy as grizzly bears, drunk as monkeys, fast as deer, cl...

3 tips on how to get instructional designers to do e-learning outside the box

Whenever putting out a hiring ad, companies ask for innovative people who can think outside of the box. Creativity seems to have become the number one prerequisite for pretty much everything. The 'box...

Micro learning – the big wave of mobile education

I remember my first mobile phone: brick-sized, big antenna and weighing around 400 grams. Then I got my first clasp phone and it seemed tiny and awesome. My current phone is slim, light and wonderful....

Learning in the new workplace — how to meet the needs of the modern employee

The learning organization — the scholar approach The concept of learning organization is not new. It dates back to 1990 — the year when, in no particular order, Germany reunited, the Hubble telescope ...

Gamification – a cross-generational affair

The traditional workplace was like a friendly, somewhat dusty, familiar, gentle giant. It had very clear and unmovable hierarchies, the nine to five schedule with weekends off, the occasional office p...

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