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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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Providing contamination control training via a learning platform

hasim-solmaz Global

Haşim Solmaz is a contamination control professional working in the industry for more than 10 years. He is a General Manager of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions EMEA Operations. Haşim focuses on cleanroom design and management concepts, environmental monitoring systems, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and regulatory concerns. He is a founding chair of the Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey (CTS) and an honorary chair of ICCCS, the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies.

Haşim Solmaz shares his experience in delivering training for cleanrooms and controlled environments with CYPHER. His clients and learners are cleanroom operators and certifiers, as well as contamination control experts who are willing to learn how to test, certify and maintain their cleanrooms in general.

Why did you need a learning platform?

My learners mostly depend on face-to-face courses offered by different organizations. Usually, they have to take them offline, and in reality, no one could properly measure the efficiency of training. My aim was to create online training for industry professionals with a transparent evaluation system and high efficiency.

What made you consider CYPHER as a solution?

I reviewed several learning platforms and found CYPHER was the most user-friendly and easy to navigate. The user interface is as easy as using any website, and a smooth intuitive design allows both learners and administrators to follow certain ways to accomplish their tasks.

What improvements have you noticed since using CYPHER?

Thanks to CYPHER, I designed each and every training with more than 10 modules, which made it possible to provide quite difficult material in bite-size content. The gamification feature increases the attendees’ involvement, so they aim to receive higher scores to be ranked within the top 3 of their industries. Besides, CYPHER helps me to measure the learners’ level of knowledge and education efficiency with 5 questions after each section.

What do you like the most about CYPHER?

CYPHER makes learning easy and hassle-free. You can focus on your learning path instead of spending time managing the platform. Also, CYPHER is a living thing! Anytime you log into the system, you’re finding new improvements to make the learning and teaching process even easier.

How has CYPHER helped your business grow?

With the help of CYPHER's LMS, we managed to increase the number of our annual trainees by 35% while the total number of individual lessons almost doubled.

In addition, before using this learning platform, we were limited to three major cities where we had to travel for face-to-face training. CYPHER helped us to reach our learners anytime and anywhere. Within the last 12 months, we trained people from 8 different cities without additional logistics costs, and more locations to come this year. 

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