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Growing the business through online courses

How CYPHER transformed Pivotal's online course offering to attract learners globally


Pivotal are a team of specialist education trainers in the field of Behaviour, Motivation and Learning Management. We train adults working in education how to manage and improve the behaviour and achievement of students. Pivotal have been leading profound change in schools and colleges since 2001. The Pivotal approach is highly innovative, utterly consistent and proven, even with the most challenging students. Pivotal training delivers practical, immediately useful strategies through highly engaging, intelligent training: hearts, minds and skills. You can experience Pivotal programmes through in-house training, courses, digital resources, books, coaching, e-mentoring and free tips.

“We managed to attract people from all around the world that are able to access the same sort of training even if they're nowhere near our trainers.”

Pivotal Education






United Kingdom


Specialist education trainers

The challenge

  • Absence of an online course platform hindered the expansion of training services to a wider audience beyond the UK
  • Requirement for a customizable and self-paced learning environment with multimedia integration for effective course delivery
  • Need for a solution to manage course subscriptions and reactivation seamlessly

We didn't have an online course platform at all and we wanted to start running online courses. What we do is train teachers on how to manage behavior better in their schools and we work largely in the UK, but we wanted our training to be available to everyone. We wanted to offer online courses to schools that couldn't afford to get one of our trainers on site and/or individual teachers who needed the extra support.

Specifically we needed a platform that would be highly responsive to our needs and inquiries, and since we've been with CYPHER Learning this has never been an issue.

We wanted our courses to be self-paced, we wanted to have a high level of control over how they looked and the different types of tasks that we could ask users to engage in. We also wanted to be able to add video content, audio content and text and to do it easily, and we wanted to have our own branding.

The solution

We had a detailed list of requirements that we wanted from an LMS, we researched different platforms, did some extensive searches and did a major comparison between providers and decided that CYPHER was the best option for us.

The results

  • Adoption of CYPHER Learning Management System (LMS) to establish a robust online course platform accessible globally
  • Utilization of CYPHER's customizable features to create self-paced courses with diverse multimedia content tailored to specific learning needs

People enjoy that it's fairly easy to navigate around, intuitive and straight-forward. We also like having video integrated in courses and the fact that people are able to see their progress. One other thing that has been really useful for us is that we charge people for six months and after that we deactivate them and they receive a notice from the platform. Often people call us and want to extend which is very easy to do because all their information, such as courses and assignments they submitted are still stored, so when they ask to be reactivated again, they don't lose anything.

We managed to attract people from all around the world that are able to access the same sort of training even if they're nowhere near our trainers. Schools especially, for which it's very expensive to have live training. This provides them with a different way of accessing our content.

“Online courses are now a major part of our current business development plan. They used to be somewhere in the background, but now we're working out ways in which we can increase the percentage of revenue that we make through online courses.”

Pivotal Education

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