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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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Opening the world of trading and investing through an e-learning platform

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Ferran Font is a Spanish economist and professional trader with over 20 years of experience in the market. 

In 2014, Ferran won the Bookmap Wilmott Quantitative Investing global trading contest in Chicago, USA, and after that got dozens of requests to share his knowledge. This is how Ferran started working at the Madrid Stock Exchange as a speaker and algorithmic trader on market depth. 

Besides, he designed his authored trading course to help people learn how to trade and invest, achieving their financial freedom. In most cases, his customers and learners are people who have decided to turn their lives around and start a new professional opportunity in the investment field. Another category is those who want to increase their savings and manage their own money following the “Do it yourself” trend.

Over 3,000 students from Latin America, the USA, Central Europe, and other regions have already taken Ferran’s courses on CYPHER.

Why did you need a learning platform?

I needed a service that would allow me to easily implement course content and manage groups of students, while maintaining active social learning

My business started to scale at some point, that’s why I couldn’t provide Skype training and assist my customers just via email anymore. I started to search for a system with CRM features, integrations with other apps that facilitate students' self-enrollment, e-commerce functionalities, and various communication and engagement tools. 

I was looking for an LMS that would not limit the scalability of my project and could serve three students with the same quality as 3,000.

What made you consider CYPHER as a solution?

I considered and evaluated quite a few LMSs, and finally decided on three key platform requirements for me: great reliability, easy content implementation, and social learning features. CYPHER met all these criteria, as it’s an all-in-one solution. Teaching and learning platform, customer relationship management tool, external apps integrator — that’s all CYPHER. 

Besides, it’s very convenient for my students to use the platform. Many tools make their training so much easier and contribute to their socialization: work in groups, calendars, forums, exams, gamification, etc. 

What improvements have you noticed since using CYPHER?

In the four years that I have been using CYPHER, I see constant improvements in the usability of the platform and Customer Service as well. I receive a premium service from the Support Team with personalized answers and a response time of no more than 10 minutes.

In addition, new integrations regularly appear on the platform, including multiple external payment gateways. 

Did CYPHER elevate your online learning experience during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, many people saw their traditional jobs affected and decided to turn their professional careers towards trading and investing. That is why I had an exponential increase in enrollment in 2020, and CYPHER made it possible to successfully manage a large number of new students without degrading the quality of service

What do you like the most about CYPHER?

What I like the most about CYPHER is that it is a catered solution with all the tools I need to create courses, scale my business and reduce the service costs.

I am also a fan of its social learning part: messenger, forums, chats, groups, and so on. 

I like to hear back from my students and CYPHER allows me to stay in touch with them and learn their opinion on my content. By the way, my students' satisfaction rate is very high: 98% of them gave the course a 5 star rating.

How has CYPHER helped your business grow?

I switched from Skype training to a platform that allows me to provide service for more than 3,000 people and sign them up for the different courses in a bunch. 

The scalability and automatization of the system allowed me to respond to over 40,000 doubts and questions from students — this couldn’t have been possible without CYPHER. 

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