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Using AI to your advantage as a course creator

Not so long ago, e-learning was not a thing. Today, we're in a digital world in almost every step of our daily lives, not only for entertainment purposes or social networking but also for education.

As course creators, we have to be aware of the constant changes and improvements in e-learning and implement them in our products. AI (artificial intelligence) gives you the key to leverage e-learning solutions for human problems and unlock endless possibilities in how you create, share, analyze and adapt your course.

AI has tremendous benefits for the two essential aspects of an online course: for the learning process, in general, and your business, in particular. AI consolidates both pillars to make you succeed as an online entrepreneur. First, it provides a transformational approach to learning which boosts online course engagement and increases learner productivity. Second, AI uses the data gathered from learners to create targeted products and build a competitive advantage while offering customized content.

AI is good for learning

Including AI in your course is necessary. E-learning offers personalized learning solutions, and AI allows you to create learning pathways designed for specific needs. AI goes further than personalization and offers adaptive learning solutions. It helps you track learner performance, identify gaps in learning, cater to specific needs, and create suitable lessons to provide adapted content for every learner throughout the course.

AI optimizes the learning paths moving beyond personalized content to adapted content which guides learners through your course. It gives them input according to their level of knowledge and extra resources to help them move through each module at their pace. It can also divide content into bite-sized formats and provide feedback to help learners advance through the course.

With automation features, AI provides tailored feedback and 24/7 guidance in real-time. Learners can interact with the content anytime and ask questions to virtual assistants. The assistance systems provide answers in a conversational manner, entirely in a private environment, which motivates learners to continue the course. Also, AI selects appropriate materials to provide learners with a better understanding of the modules.

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AI helps you provide diverse content, especially for accessibility purposes. Learners with disabilities have greater chances to complete your course successfully if you provide specific help. AI can assist learners with subtitles to live speech, vivid descriptions of visuals, text-to-audio transition, audio translation in multiple languages, or highlighted words while reading aloud. These AI features make your course inclusive and support learning in its diversity.

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AI is good for business

While AI does wonders for learners, we cannot overlook its benefits for your e-learning business. All the data that AI collects to provide adapted content can be purposefully used to analyze user behavior. You can get insights into the type of content your audience likes based on spotted patterns and trends. As a result, you can create courses suitable for a niche or a wider audience.

Moreover, through localization, you can enhance your audience by providing content in the learners' native languages and considering their cultural backgrounds. Knowing your customers helps you make better decisions and leverage targeted marketing options.

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An LMS is one of the best ways to use AI in your business. As a course creator, AI helps you design a course faster by reusing templates and materials to create new ones or transform the content of your course into an audio format that can be translated into multiple languages. Making your course accessible to different types of learners attracts more learners and boosts your revenue.

The e-learning industry has gathered momentum, and you should watch out for your competition. AI is the ingredient that can make your course appealing, and it will give you a competitive advantage in the digital education business.

To sum up

AI is a force to be reckoned with. It has transformed the learning process and how we do business online. Learners benefit from content that constantly adapts to their needs and timely feedback to keep them on track. Although human intervention cannot be ignored entirely, AI makes learners feel at ease with the course, increasing engagement and motivation.

For your business, AI does things that seem impossible or at least too time-consuming. Automation and data collection help you sell and market your course with a competitive edge, ensuring you reach your audience with targeted courses.

Learners expect the best, so use AI to your advantage!

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