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How to become a successful online fitness coach

Being an online fitness coach has become very popular over the past few years, although this concept has been here for quite a while. Since most gyms had to shut their doors during the first few months of the pandemic and keep them like that for the foreseeable future, trainers started looking for solutions.

Whether you’ve already built a reputation for yourself and a solid client base or you’re just looking to turn your passion into a lucrative business, there are many ways to go about it. Some of the benefits of being an online fitness instructor are that you get to work around your own schedule, reach more people, and get a good profit out of it.

Remote training is no longer a niche service, and now it’s the best time to start a career in this field, provided you already know what you’re doing. Surviving and thriving in the saturated market is no easy job, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you out at the beginning.

Why become an online fitness coach?

As a fitness coach, you help people lead healthy lives from the comfort of their own homes. While some can’t afford to go to the gym, others simply don’t have time for that. Following an online fitness program designed especially for them makes training easier and helps them get lasting results.

Depending on your preference and how many customers you have, you can provide different course styles. You can host live sessions with one or more participants or create on-demand courses that people follow in their own time.

Regardless of that, becoming an online fitness coach is also:

  • Flexible: as previously mentioned, online coaches have the freedom to train their customers based on their schedules. Instead of traveling to the gym early in the morning, bringing a packed lunch, and holding sessions back to back, you can find a way to organize your schedule and make everyone happy;
  • Scalable: although the market seems saturated, it’s possible to thrive by finding your niche and constantly growing your client base. More so, since you’re not geographically restricted, you can train anyone in the world as long as you speak the same language and have enough time on your hands;
  • Cost-effective: instead of paying a monthly gym membership and a personal trainer, your clients can focus on improving their health from home. This makes your online business more affordable compared to in-person training. Time and commute costs are less of a problem when training in the living room.

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What you need to become a successful online fitness coach

If all of the above sound great to you, here are some ideas that will help you start your online fitness business:

Set up your virtual training space

Taking your fitness coaching business online for the first time might seem daunting. Don’t let the fear of the unknown scare you from becoming a reputable online fitness coach.

While it’s nice to train clients no matter where you are, having a designated training area puts you in the right mindset and makes you more organized and efficient. For that, you’ll need a device that you’ll use to record yourself, design your courses, monitor clients who replicate them during sessions, and provide feedback.

You also need to make sure that you’re shooting in a well-lit room where you have plenty of space to walk around. As for the fitness equipment, you can start with little to no equipment and invest as you go.

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Create an online training course

The next step is to prepare your online course. You can pick from different formats, such as video, presentations, or written text, and upload all your resources into a learning platform.

Your primary focus should be on videos as they make it easy to explain and replicate the exercises. However, when providing live sessions, you can switch to Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

Some other useful resources are infographics, blog articles and micro content. Depending on your goals, you can market courses individually or as part of a bundle of courses.

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Promote your online course

One of the steps that will ensure the success of your online fitness business is to spread the word about it. Word of mouth could work just fine, but it won’t help you reach a large audience that lives across the country. There are quite a few tools at your disposal to achieve this.

You can start by creating a social presence on channels like Instagram and Facebook. You could also start a weekly newsletter that will get you leads. You could offer a free course and start writing start writing guest blogs. No matter what you do, it’s important to be consistent and always provide quality content.

Wrapping up

Moving your fitness business online or starting from scratch can be challenging. However, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to make it in the business. Among them are a designated area to film your videos, some training equipment, a few devices, a good learning platform, and a lot of motivation.

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