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Generative AI in 2024: A potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence
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Pros and cons: proprietary, open-source, and cloud-based LMS [Infographic]

Remember the rotary phone? How small and sleek it was, compared to its predecessor telephones! My nana had one and I very much enjoyed putting my little fingers in the circle slots of the rotary disk ...

Top benefits of a cloud-based LMS

Workplace learning and training programs have come a long way since the cubicle was a new thing. The transfer of knowledge now happens inside and outside of office walls. Employees learn new things fr...

Why every LMS should have a responsive design

To go responsive, or not to go responsive? That is actually not the question. In the multi-device, multi-screen world of the workplace, the question is not whether or not to adopt a responsive design ...

7 Things to avoid when selecting an LMS

As a woman I often find myself in front of a clothes-full closet with a pout on my face, sighing, because I have nothing to wear. This isn't because I don't know what I want, but because I know exactl...

How to coordinate your company L&D strategy with an LMS

Your company is just like a living ecosystem. All the desks and computers may not be very lively, but the people using them are the living creatures that make things like profit and company success ha...

How learning management systems support deep learning

One of my favourite college professors once said that her utmost satisfaction as a teacher was when her students grew bigger brains. She was partially referring to the theory that adult brain cells do...

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