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10 Great tools to quickly elevate corporate training [Infographic]

Companies have increased needs to cover onboarding, compliance, employee training, extended enterprise, and so much more. It’s no wonder that trainer’s job is much more than delivering training programs.

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In fact, trainers are in charge of organizing sessions, creating course materials, evaluating courses and finding the appropriate tools to accomplish everything. The pressure to digitize training is higher than ever before.

That is why finding the right tools can have a big impact on daily training activities. It doesn’t mean that companies need to invest a lot of time and money; simply switching from PowerPoint to a more visually engaging presentation tool can make a difference.

10 Great tools to quickly elevate corporate training

There are many tools available on the market, so we have searched high and low for tech that can elevate your training right away. Here are our top 10 options:


  1. Articulate Storyline 360

    Storyline 360 is a mobile friendly authoring tool for businesses that want to offer amazing interactive courses. Instructional designers use it to easily edit text, add videos, themes, animations, and even assessments. In addition, you can add the online courses to your learning management system.

  2. ExplainEverything

    Switching from plain old whiteboards to interactive whiteboards will quickly change the way trainers work. Explain Everything is a great tool for real-time and asynchronous collaboration, meaning that it can be used for face to face and remote training sessions. It can also be used for creating tutorials and presentations in video format.

  3. Piktochart

    Piktochart is free to use but also has paid options. This is a good choice for trainers that have no design skills, but need to create visually engaging training materials from scratch. There are templates for infographics, presentations, reports, and more. Users can add any graphic element and text through drag and drop as well as use their own images.

  4. Virtual Speech

    This is an innovative way to enhance in-person or remote training sessions. Since public speaking is a very important skill to master, businesses can take advantage of the power of VR to integrate VR training scenarios in online courses, and even add VR training to their learning management system. Unlock trainees’ potential with photo-realistic environments, avatar interaction, voice analysis, and more.

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  5. Prezi Business

    Prezi Business takes things to a whole new level by introducing collaboration and analytics to create even better training presentations. Teams can easily convert PowerPoint slides into Prezi presentations, manage important and private business content, and incorporate feedback.

  6. Scavify

    This app allows users to create fun activities for teams or entire businesses. Participants can complete tasks, earn points and rewards, and upload pictures or videos of their scavenger hunt. Trainers can create custom challenges that align with the company’s goals and objectives.

  7. MindMeister

    MindMeister allows trainers and instructional designers to quickly brainstorm ideas for training sessions. This mindmapping tool is web-based so users can access it on any device. In addition, it provides a way to organize brainstorming sessions into folders, as well as share mind maps with others.

  8. Klipfolio

    Training can be drastically improved with the help of data. Klipfolio is a great reporting tool that can help users keep track of training KPIs as well as visualize and customize data through dashboard reports. Training reports can also be automated and shared with all stakeholders, including management and clients.

  9. Dropbox Business

    Dropbox Business is more than a place to store all files — although it does do that. Users can securely share and collaborate on training documents, create team folders, and monitor team activity via the Admin dashboard. It also plays nicely with other tools such as Office 365.


    MATRIX is a learning platform for managing all e-learning activities, whether it’s delivering effective training, evaluating employee performance, facilitating collaboration, or selling online courses. The mobile apps allow users to access the full feature set of the site so they can enjoy an engaging and productive LMS experience anytime, anywhere.

Wrapping up

So goes the “old” saying: there’s an app for everything.

Finding what works might take some time, but it’s absolutely worth it if you end up with better courses, training materials, and results. In fact, the right tools can help you save time in the long run.