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CYPHER wins gold in Brandon Hall Group awards

CYPHER Learning won two gold awards and one bronze award in Brandon Hall Group’s prestigious Excellence in Technology Awards. These awards include a gold award for “Best Advance in Emerging Learning Technology,” a gold award for “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology,” and a bronze award for “Best Advance in AI and Machine Learning.”

These achievements underscore CYPHER’s position as a leader in transforming learning solutions across the globe. We couldn’t be more proud of our exceptional team members for their hard work and dedication in propelling CYPHER to yet another pinnacle of excellence.

Beyond just our team, we have our loyal customers to thank. Your trust in our company continually drives us to innovate and push the boundaries of learning technologies. We are committed to adapting based on your feedback and remain dedicated to serving your evolving needs.

Entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group analysts, and executives based upon these criteria: fit the need, program design, functionality, innovation, and overall measurable benefits. Brandon Hall Group is a renowned independent analyst firm with 30 years of experience.

"Our awards program is distinguished by the thorough evaluation process led by industry experts. Judges meticulously score each entry, and our executive leadership team at Brandon Hall Group reviews and validates the judging and scoring. The level of the award is solely determined by the number of points, ensuring a fair and unbiased recognition of excellence in technology," said Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Officer Mike Cooke.

Why CYPHER Learning stands out:

There are more than a few reasons why CYPHER stands out. From its platform-wide automation, to its industry-first AI capabilities, discover what makes CYPHER so special.

Unified content development and delivery

The CYPHER platform offers a united solution for developing comprehensive content. You can develop courses, assessments, gamification elements, and map competencies to content. Tailoring courses to individuals is effortless with unique digital learning profiles, ensuring customized learning at scale.

Controlled generative AI

Control the generative AI experience with CYPHER’s simple and packaged approach.
Control content by uploading your own videos, PDFs, slide decks, and other resources to create customized courses that use your terminology, branding, and style to truly make your courses, yours. Rest assured, all of this is private.
Control content credibility with CYPHER AI cross check that uses multiple AI technologies that check against one another to decrease the risk of AI hallucination and false positives.

Personalized skills development

CYPHER revolutionizes conventional and uniform skill training with its competency-focused strategy. CYPHER provides insight into mastery levels of each competency and offers tailored learning recommendations. With AI 360 with Copilot, courses are automatically competency mapped, allowing for personalized learning at scale.

Intuitive user interface

The allure of CYPHER’s interface lies in our stunning design – it’s gorgeous, intuitive, and easy to use. From our graphical dashboards to adaptive learning paths, find everything you want exactly when and where you expect. Our human-centric approach focuses on clarity over complexity, so users remain in control without sacrificing on capabilities. “The best way to describe the tech is to say it anticipates the moves of the learner,” said Brandon Hall Group.


CYPHER is the only platform built around sophisticated automation from the ground up to heighten efficiency and scalability. Our advanced automation powers CYPHER’s platform-wide gamification, the largest of its kind, with 120,000 learners participating in weekly periodic leveling challenges. Points frequently reset to encourage active participation and motivation. It’s also allowed CYPHER to be the leader in deploying AI broadly throughout the platform.


CYPHER stands out as the sole platform offering a real-time communication universal translator, encompassing messaging and posts. The platform supports an impressive range of over 50 languages, and with AI 360, courses can be automatically created in each of these languages.