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CYPHER Learning achieves Smartchoice Preferred Provider certification by Brandon Hall Group

CYPHER Earns Smartchoice Preferred Provider certification by Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group dubs CYPHER Learning a “supercharged next-generation technology” that “delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision in learning.”

After conducting in-depth briefings and a thorough evaluation, Brandon Hall Group certified CYPHER as a Smartchoice Preferred Provider. The certification is a reflection of the highest standards a provider can attain in the market, as Brandon Hall Group is a renowned professional development company with 30 years of experience.

From our competency-based learning capabilities to our intuitive platform, Brandon Hall Group shared a few reasons why CYPHER stands out.

“CYPHER Learning is disrupting the learning and development space by creating an intuitive, AI-powered platform that offers engaging content and measurable results.”

Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group

Here’s why CYPHER Learning stood out to Brandon Hall Group:

Competency-based learning

“This is a supercharged next-generation technology platform that rocks competency and skills-based learning.”

Traditional uniform learning assumes that everyone learns the same. In reality, that’s just not the case. So, how do you create individualized courses for all different types of learners and ensure people fully grasp concepts before moving on? CYPHER makes it possible for your learners to achieve personalized skills growth with our competency-based learning. Using AI 360 with Copilot, you can create competency-mapped courses in under 10 minutes to allow for personalized learning at scale. With CYPHER, you can adapt to individuals needs and ensure they fully understand concepts without just clicking or flipping through material.

Accuracy and precision

“...delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision in learning.”

Learning and development (L&D) professionals and educators are tasked with separating the knowledge they want their learners to absorb from the information that runs rampant on the Internet. Unpackaged or raw AI poses risks and makes that job harder because they give the user zero control over the sources of content. Using AI 360 with Copilot, you can actually upload your own content or link to third-party materials to completely control where your learners are getting information from. Create entire competency-mapped courses in minutes using your own PDF files, slide decks, videos, and more.

Inspires learners

“There is no possible way not to learn because the technology inspires learners.”

CYPHER engages and excites learners through leveled-up gamification features like periodic leveling and leaderboards. Create friendly competition and make learning more enjoyable by teaming up learners to compete against others in their courses and learning paths. Plus, personalized learning that hones in on learners' unique interests and goals can make them feel more empowered and engaged in their learning journey.

Intuitive for learners

“Moving through the platform is intuitive and fast. The best way to describe the tech is to say it anticipates the moves of the learner. And it’s super powerful.”

Learners don’t want to have to dig for information they need to know in an LMS. With CYPHER, they don’t have to. Our learner-centric approach ensures easy implementation with little to no learning curve. The CYPHER platform is virtually pleasing and keeps learners engaged.

Intuitive for admins

“CYPHER Learning is an admin’s dream. Forget the steep learning curve, this tech is as intuitive as it gets. This tech truly does save time and energy and is infinitely scalable.”

CYPHER doesn’t require advanced coding to create great-looking training modules or in-depth reports. With 55 pre-built reports and custom options, you can easily track everything from module progress, to competency coverage, learner engagement, and more. Plus, CYPHER has over 1,000 integrations and can connect with your existing software so you don’t have to change what works for your organization.

Learn more about CYPHER Learning’s Smartchoice Preferred Provider certification.

Did you know CYPHER Learning has received more than 100 awards? From “Best LMS” to “Best Overall Employee Training Software,” we’ve been recognized from top players across the industry for our unmatched value and innovation.

We’d love to chat with you and show you some of the awesome capabilities CYPHER has to offer, like AI 360 with Copilot. To schedule a demo or learn more, contact CYPHER sales.

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