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Talented Learning names CYPHER a top 15 learning system

Talented Learning is a renowned research and consulting firm that specializes in learning technology. Since 2015, Talented Learning has done in-depth analyses, independent reviews, and attended business briefings and product demos of nearly 100 of the most innovative learning solutions to develop these lists.

We’re thrilled to announce that CYPHER Learning secured a spot as a “Top 15 All-Purpose Learning System” in Talented Learning’s annual rankings. We couldn’t be more proud of our exceptional team members for their hard work and dedication in getting us to this place.

Here’s an in-depth look at Talented Learning’s review of why CYPHER stands out: 

  1. Innovation

    “The innovation that has been driven out of this platform in the last 12 months is just really jaw dropping and astounding.”
    At CYPHER, we’re dedicated to adapting based on customer feedback and available technological advancements. We strive to continually improve to better serve our business and academia communities.

  2. Automation

    “They have one of the best automation engines in the industry.”
    With CYPHER, you can trigger automated actions in various areas of the platform, such as courses, learning paths, groups, and accounts each time a particular goal is reached. You can even trigger automations with third-party integrations. For instance, if a user enrolls in a certain course, you can have CYPHER automatically add them to the CRM system.

  3. AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

    “In the industry, it takes a minimum of 40 hours to create an hour's worth of content. Here you’re getting to 80-90% in 10 minutes.”
    AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot allows users to create courses in 50+ languages in under 10 minutes for less than $10. With options to have AI 360 pull exclusively or primarily from your uploaded content, you can quickly create courses tailored to your organization. Upload slide decks, company materials, and more. AI 360 with Copilot will take care of the rest. Create a full training course from the materials, complete with quizzes, gamification, competencies, and more.

  4. Competencies

    “For anyone who’s an instructional designer, it’ll just knock your socks off to see all of the steps you used to have to do manually that you don’t have to do anymore.”
    Regardless of the subject or skill level, you can use competency-based learning to track learners skills and progress toward learning goals. Automatic competency mapping between quizzes, rubrics, modules, and more allows for personalized learning at scale. Choose from existing competencies, create your own, or have Copilot generate them.

  5. Customization

    “They’re really good at separating customers from partners or employees.”
    With CYPHER’s advanced customization options, create separate custom dashboards and welcome screens for employees, partners, and customers. These customized portals boast individual URLs, catalogs, logos, tailored pages, and more.

  6. Reporting

    “The reporting engine they have is just out of this world”
    With 55 pre-built and custom options, CYPHER can help you quickly and easily generate reports on module progress, competency coverage, learner engagement, completion rates, and more. Our reporting options are fully integrated, so you never pay more for reports.

  7. Integrations

    “They have over 1,000 integrations.”
    John Leh’s right. We do. From LinkedIn Learning, to ADP, Salesforce, Microsoft, LTI, Udemy, we have over 1,000 enterprise-class integrations. EdTech standards like LTI and SCORM are also included, ensuring a standardized learning environment. We make it easy to integrate CYPHER with your existing system.

  8. User interface

    “It just looks phenomenal.”
    CYPHER is unmatched when it comes to user experience and user adoption. It continually receives “easiest admin,” “ease of use,” and “best LMS” awards year after year.

Hear more about why John Leh from Talented Learning is so impressed with CYPHER in these videos:


Video: CYPHER Learning - Learning Management System Executive Briefing (2023)
Video: CYPHER Learning LMS - AI Authoring Demo (2023)

We’d love to chat with you and show you some of the awesome capabilities CYPHER has to offer, like AI 360 with Copilot. To schedule a demo or learn more, contact CYPHER sales.