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CYPHER es la solución clasificada como #1 entre los mejores LMSs y un líder tecnológico en 2023

Los usuarios de PeerSpot califican a CYPHER con un promedio de 9.0 sobre 10.

CYPHER ha recibido 39 distintivos de G2 en otoño de 2023 gracias a las opiniones de los usuarios.

Best Usability, Easiest Admin, Momentum Leader, Easiest Admin, y más.

sharjah-education-academy Sharjah Education Academy

"We can create our own courses, and the support is quick to respond, but the grade book is limited to 1,000 users"

Karri Hartman

"Accommodates all types of media and allows us to completely brand the product"

tisserand-institute Tisserand Institute

"Streamlines the delivery of content and takes on a lot of the administrative burden from our organization"

deming-institute The W. Edwards Deming Institute

"Supports private external portals and allows us to reach a much wider audience"

vq-solutions VQ Solutions

"Our users are much more invested in this solution compared to other platforms we used in the past"

kerridge-commercial-system Kerridge Commercial Systems Limited

"Easier Onboarding and Accessibility for Learning Opportunities"

genuine-education-technology Genuine Education Technology

"Helps school organize content, while gamification awards students and keeps them engaged with learning"

senatobia Senatobia Municipal School District

"Gives me more autonomy and creativity to personalize my class, and competency features help me track progress"

graphisoft Graphisoft

"Enables us to reach more users globally, increasing our training revenue and software license sales"

san-antonio-de-padua-catholic-school San Antonio De Padua Catholic

"Enables us to track students on a competency basis through a mastery grid and understand student progress"

isis-malaysia Academia ISIS

"Helps streamline our student evaluation activities and enables us to reach more people"

bac-education BAC Education Group

"Helps streamline our processes and customer support is incomparable"

san-antonio-de-padua-catholic-school San Antonio De Padua Catholic

"Helps me better organize classroom sessions and enables parents to participate in a child's progress"

sti-college STI Education Services Group, Inc.

"Adaptive learning provides help to students who need it so that they master fundamentals before proceeding"

san-antonio-de-padua-catholic-school San Antonio De Padua Catholic

"Provides substantial help by enabling creation of exams and automatically returning results, saving us time"

san-antonio-de-padua-catholic-school San Antonio De Padua Catholic

"Enables playful and attractive ways for students to access information, and helps us give students personal attention"

san-antonio-de-padua-catholic-school San Antonio De Padua Catholic

"Allows me to see how much a student is interacting with activities and help with any problems they have"

san-antonio-de-padua-catholic-school San Antonio De Padua Catholic

"Students can review the classes before attending them and parents can access the resources"

de-la-salle-university De La Salle University – Dasmariñas

"Paperless transactions keep us "green," and save costs; system reporting helps us meet state accreditation requirements"

ms-education-academy MS Education Academy

"Enabled us to move from in-person to digital training, saving significant costs and increasing employee efficiency"

iep-san-antonio-de-padua San Antonio De Padua

"Uploading of class content saves administrative work and makes it easily available to students"

Educational organization

"Helps supervisors follow up on teachers and helps teachers follow up on students, making us more organized"

san-antonio-de-padua-catholic-school San Antonio De Padua Catholic

"Favors individual work as well as teamwork, helping students know how to write but also how to communicate"

iep-san-antonio-de-padua IEP San Antonio De Padua

"Adaptive learning allows us to make decisions regarding student progress, including achievements and skills"

cpd-for-accountants CPD For Accountants

"Gives better results for our learners than live sessions we previously ran, and enables us to scale the business"

Manufacturing Company

"Reduced our administrative costs substantially and provides us with numerous must-have features"

graphisoft Graphisoft

"Great for self-paced, online trainer-led, and online hybrid classes"

drone-operations Drone Operations

"Manages the entire learning process and enables me to work on my business, not just work in my business"

santa-barbara-school-district Santa Barbara Unified School District

"The discussions have been particularly good for student engagement"

coaching-for-todays-leaders Coaching 4 Todays Leaders

"Asynchronous learning allows us to reuse content, and digital resources have cut our costs significantly"

cristian Cristian Negut

"Great gamification, perfect for building competency systems, and has good grading capabilities"

Printing company

"It keeps our students on track but I would like the user reporting and calendar system to be more accurate"

dennis Dennis DiNoia

"Without it, we would need three times the staff"

Manufacturing company

"Integration with our CRM creates a seamless onboarding process for doctors taking our courses"

Educational organization

"Helped us facilitate critical thinking"

universidad-catolica-boliviana Bolivian Catholic University

"Students see and understand what is expected of them; teachers can identify and work with struggling students"

clx CLX

"Reporting helps track student progress and also helps with compliance"

universidad-catolica-boliviana Bolivian Catholic University

"It's the main way that we communicate with students"

colegio-alpamayo Colegio Alpamayo

"We have been able to focus, in the midst of the pandemic, on the well-being of the students"

Educational organization

"Provides automatic feedback as well as the ability to attach documents and videos"

corporacion-tecnologica-de-bogota Corporación Tecnológica de Bogotá

"Enables us to personalize learning for our students and empower them to achieve the grades they want"

educem Educem Instituto

"Saves us time on administrative work and enables students to find bibliographic information in libraries"

universidad-catolica-boliviana Bolivian Catholic University

"Makes the teacher-student relationship more transparent with feedback that helps students learn"

Hospitality Company

"Rules engine allows us to automate aspects of our training, and we get full visibility into individual students' progress"

susan Susan Adams

"Provides peer-to-peer learning experience and allows you to customize the platform as per your organization's vocabulary and look-and-feel"

troo Troo Life

"Enables student monitoring, reduces administrative costs, and helpful reporting"

21-cent-ed 21stCentEd

"You can edit all your courses at once by editing the master course"

batangas University of Batangas

"Easy to create personalized classes, responsive support, integrates well with third-party applications"

potato-corner Potato Corner

"We have seen cost savings because we no longer need to send training teams to international territories"

¡CYPHER ha obtenido 39 insignias de G2 en otoño de 2023!

Best Usability, Easiest Admin (Enterprise), Momentum Leader, Easiest Admin (Mid-Market), Leader (Americas, Asia, APAC), y más. Todo gracias a las opiniones de nuestros usuarios. Visita G2 para leer reseñas de clientes que usan CYPHER todos los días para enseñar y capacitar.