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Digital Content Curator

Location: Mexico (Aguascalientes)

Job overview

Digital Content Curator will manage the overall curation and online research activities required to populate the Learning Management System with digital assets: content, curriculum, competencies, and other educational resources.

Will lead the research, coordination, editorial work, and organization of information, content, curriculum, and learning standards. Develop relationships with subject-matter experts, industry practitioners and school leaders, and other sources and organizations needed to produce the quality and quantity of required digital assets and negotiate terms and pricing as needed.


  • Reports directly to the Global Edtech Director
  • Researches, evaluates, coordinates, selects, organizes, integrates, and curates content, curriculum, competencies, and other educational resources from various sources
  • Research and navigate large educational resources and digital assets databases and analyze its relevance and legality of use and transfer to LMS
  • Populate the LMS’ resource library with various digital assets: content, curriculum, competencies, and other educational resources
  • Develop a methodology to analyze and research content consumption, define content and resources needed by various clients from various industries and educational institutions
  • Verify accuracy, validity, relevance, and currency of digital assets and information and ensure that it meets the industry, legal and institutional standards
  • Ensure that all digital assets are uploaded on time, updated, and archived as needed
  • Coordinate with subject-matter experts, school, and other organization leaders on different content and curriculum applicable to multiple disciplines
  • Coordinate and meet with subject-matter experts to understand various industry skills and competency standards
  • Secure permissions on the use of various digital assets as needed
  • Research on emerging trends and standards on skills and talent management in various industries

Required experience

  • At least 2 years of experience in a digital content curator or related role
  • Strong digital literacy and technology skills
  • Ability to navigate large curation databases and/or open educational resources databases
  • Background in Learning Management System (LMS), Enterprise software, or any other cloud software solutions
  • Strong background and skills in digital resource and copyright management
  • Ability to secure permission on the use of various digital assets
  • Proven track record of good research outcomes
  • Experience in the field of training and development is an advantage
  • Experience as a corporate trainer, L&D, and/or academic teaching experience is an advantage
  • Knowledge and understanding of effective training and teaching methodologies and tools
  • Willingness to learn new techniques in corporate training
  • Ability to work well with different departments, faculty, and discipline
  • Excellent organizational behavior
  • Ability to make sound judgments on digital assets with limited information


  • BS Education, BA in Business, HR or I.T
  • Training certification is an advantage