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CYPHER LEARNING is a company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world. CYPHER LEARNING headquarters are in Plano, TX. The company has offices all around the world in locations such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Spain, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Jordan, South Africa, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia.


CYPHER has three products: NEO LMS for Schools and Universities, MATRIX LMS for Business, and INDIE LMS for Entrepreneurs. CYPHER LEARNING is currently the only company that offers learning platforms in all major e-learning sectors: academic, corporate, and individuals.


Brand Story

It all started with a young boy named Graham Glass who had a tremendous passion for education. Growing up in the U.K., Graham was lucky to attend schools where he encountered some great teachers. He enjoyed going to school and learning new things. He even thought of choosing teaching as a career.

Later on, after finishing university, Graham became a teacher and was a senior lecturer at the University of Texas, where he taught Computer Science. He gained a good reputation for his teaching skills at UTD and was soon getting offers to teach the same materials at local high-tech companies. Back in those days, Learning Management Systems (LMS) did not exist to help facilitate teaching and engage young learners with their studies. Even then, he was wondering why isn’t there a way to package his instruction materials in a scalable way and make them available to millions of people.

Graham built his first company based on his teaching experience and ventured on to corporate training and software products. He founded two more companies related to computer tech and training, but his passion has always remained teaching and education. Even though he spent most of his career in the enterprise software space, there has always been a significant educational component, whether it was teaching at University, writing books, teaching in corporations, or explaining complex topics at seminars.

That’s why in 2009 he decided to go back to his educational roots by starting a new company called EDU 2.0. The company focused on something that was very close to Graham’s heart, which was improving education through an innovative e-learning platform. His mission was to provide a better way of facilitating teaching and learning and have a bigger impact on the way people learn.

CYPHER LEARNING office and customer locations

22 offices

EDU 2.0 had a fast growth, reaching 1 million users in the first 5 years, and becoming the LMS with the most beautiful and user-friendly interface on the market. In 2010, EDU 2.0 for Business was launched, which was an LMS for use by corporations for online training.

In 2014, EDU 2.0 rebranded to NEO, and EDU 2.0 for Business rebranded to MATRIX. Both products are now under the umbrella of CYPHER LEARNING. In 2017, the company launched a new LMS product for entrepreneurs named INDIE.

Over the years, CYPHER LEARNING products have received numerous awards and recognitions, are used by over 20,000 organizations, and are available in 40+ languages.

Graham’s passion for education and innovation has become the essence of who we are as a company and motivates us as a team to offer the best solutions for each market.

CYPHER LEARNING is currently the only company that offers learning platforms in all major e-learning sectors: academic, corporate, and individuals.



Launched EDU 2.0 for School.


Launched EDU 2.0 for Business. Released the first premium plan for EDU 2.0 for Schools.


Major user interface and feature upgrade to both sites. Added support for 10 additional languages.


Passed the half-million user mark. Both companies achieved profitability, with 300% yearly revenue growth.


Passed the million user mark, adding 15,000 new users a week.

June 2014

EDU 2.0 for Business rebranded to MATRIX LMS and EDU 2.0 for Schools rebranded to NEO.

June 2015

Launched CYPHER LEARNING, the parent company for NEO and MATRIX.

June 2016

MATRIX was awarded the 2016 Experts’ Choice Award.


Launched the European version of NEO and MATRIX. NEO won the Tech Edvocate Award for Best LMS and MATRIX received the Great User Experience award.

November 2017

Launched INDIE, a new LMS for Entrepreneurs.


NEO won the Tech Edvocate Award for Best LMS and was selected as the #1 LMS for Higher Education by The Craig Weiss Group.

March 2019

NEO won at the Education Resources Awards 2019. MATRIX won the Silver Award in the Brandon Hall Technology Excellence Awards.

August 2020

MATRIX won the Saas Awards for Best SaaS for Learning Management and Silver award in the category ‘Best Learning Management System (LMS)’ in the LearnX Awards.

January 2021

NEO won the Remote Learning in Higher Education category at Tech & Learning’s Awards of Excellence.

June 2021

CYPHER LEARNING raised $40 million Growth Equity Round from Invictus Growth Partners.

September 2021

NEO won the Best SaaS Product for e-Learning category at the SaaS Awards 2021.

December 2021

MATRIX was selected as a Gold Winner for the Best Learning Technology Award in the LearnX Awards.

January 2022

NEO won the category Primary Education at the Tech & Learning Awards, the “Best of 2021” edition.



Our vision for the future captures the essence of who we are, which is our passion for education and our commitment to bring the best online learning and teaching experience to organizations, schools, and individuals around the world. We provide the best solutions for each market, by constantly focusing on innovation and continuous improvement.



We’re dedicated to making teaching and learning an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Our mission is to improve education and have a bigger impact on the way people learn, by innovating through our platforms and helping our clients reach their goals.

Our Values

A great learning experience

We believe that if users enjoy the time spent in a platform, they will become motivated and able to achieve more. That's why we aim to deliver an all around beautiful and engaging learning experience, by focusing on our platform's design and usability.

Passion for education

Our CEO Graham Glass started the company because of his passion for education. Today, as a team, we're motivated by that passion and try to offer the best solutions for each market, whether it’s schools, companies, or entrepreneurs.

Dedicated to our customers

We want to help our clients get the best results and reach their goals. We take care of our clients every step of the way by providing comprehensive support and listening to their feedback.


Innovation is the stepping stone for our company, we’re always trying to be one step ahead and think into the future, by adding cutting-edge features in our platforms that will radically improve teaching and learning activities.

Continuous improvement

We’re constantly improving our products by adding new features and keeping the design fresh and modern. We also make sure to listen to our customers needs and try to implement as many suggestions as possible.


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