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Why knowledge entrepreneurs should use marketing automation tools

Tools that aim to make our lives easier appear all the time. If you happen to be a solopreneur who also wears a marketer's hat from time to time, there are plenty of options to choose from. Everything from social media platforms to the Internet of Things (IoT) is on a mission to change the marketing game.

We’ve come a very long way from salespeople going door to door, one potential customer at a time. Marketers reach large crowds all the time, and while defining learner personas and everyone will tell you that you need to take an individualized approach, there's no rush to personally engage with each potential lead.

Why knowledge entrepreneurs should use marketing automation tools

Tools that automate the marketing process are built to meet the universal business goal of increasing the customer base and revenue at a lower cost. This type of software manages to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks to increase efficiency. Using marketing automation, small e-learning businesses can easily market on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks.

Marketing automation tools can generate leads and establish a customer base segmentation. They track and optimize the relevant metrics. Let’s take some of the benefits one by one, and you decide if they work for you.

Leads have better conversion rates

It's good to establish a sales funnel from the beginning. However, it’s pointless to generate enormous amounts of leads if the majority won't convert into learners. Marketing automation can give you enough data to better understand your potential client pool. It will make it easier to create personalized customer journeys based on data and analytics.

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To make things even better, marketing automation doesn't only improve the quality of the leads but ensures much better conversion rates by finding and fixing the “leaky” points in your sales funnel. Since this is one of the most frustrating aspects of marketing, I’d say having professional digital help is an amazing asset. Digital tools don’t get tired. They just gather data and constantly improve their actions based on what they find.

It’s easier to track and improve customer engagement

All sales or landing pages are meant to engage the visitor and entice them to become leads.

One of the main complaints marketers have is that due to the multitude of landing pages and dwindling attention spans, people don’t spend enough time on the pages to do what they want them to. Tracking user engagement is essential for effective marketing. Such a specialized tool helps you get all the data you need to tweak your funnel and improve your visibility on different channels. This type of optimization will do wonders for the ROI of all your marketing efforts.

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You can do more with the same or fewer resources

Cost optimization is a necessity for small businesses, especially in the current environment. Therefore, you might think that investing in marketing automation is not right for you at the moment. It may well be so, but the definition of investment is “the action or process of investing money for profit or material result”. In the end, it would most likely save a lot of effort and make you some money.

Plus, nobody doubts your capabilities as a self-marketer for your small e-learning business. However, keeping track of all the different channels, posting regularly, and gathering enough traffic and engagement information from all the points of contact with your potential customers is very difficult. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself either in burnout or failing. At the same time, automated marketing is very popular, so you’ll have a tough time staying ahead (or at least on the same level) of the competition.

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Wrapping up

Marketing is a numbers game. Consequently, if you want to do it right and save yourself some time and grief, consider getting an automated digital tool to do some of the work and help you improve your reach and profit margins.