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What it’s like to be a knowledge commerce entrepreneur?

Sharing knowledge has been around since times forgotten, even before the appearance of printed press and television, reaching the targeted audience by word of mouth.

The way we approach knowledge has changed dramatically giving people the possibility to develop themselves through different means offline, as well as online. The individual has become really involved in his own development and growth as a person. Everyone has the door open for lifelong learning and personalized learning strategies due to easy accessibility to online education. This process has been facilitated by technology which, as a result of recent advancements, can fit the palm of your hand.

When the student becomes the teacher

Times are different compared with the past, like the era of industrialization, when the learners were supposed to follow the same pattern being specifically educated to fill the positions necessary in the workplace, which then meant they had to memorize information and apply it according to the instructions they would receive. This meant also that the individual did not have the possibility of being creative, in fact it had the opposite effect.

Nowadays we are witnessing a shift in paradigm. If you have initiative and show creativity you are more likely to succeed. Therefore, the generations of today have had to acclimate to these changes and try to find a way to juggle both the digital aptitudes required now and the traditional demands of society. This gave the younger generations the chance of being innovative, thus showing they possess a mind of their own.

The hunger for information has led them to this era of knowledge commerce when they themselves have become providers of knowledge. So, from consumers, they turned into business people.

With the emergence of digitization, employers have had to admit that for productivity the only thing that matters is competence, that is knowledge, not degrees (everybody has one of those). This translated into differentiated payment according to what you, as an employee, can produce. Being digitally savvy adds to it. Thus, a need for online skills training and learning opportunities appeared.

And here comes the knowledge commerce entrepreneur to fill the missing tiles.

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Who can become a knowledge commerce entrepreneur?

In the beginning, knowledge providers were only those who offline were already established professionals. Therefore, with the evolution of this new field, embracing a new way of getting their expertise available to people was only natural.

Nonetheless, the online is an open field for anyone who has something to provide to knowledge consumers.

The next obvious step was for ordinary people to become knowledge providers. Everyone can become one. How is that possible? Considering the fact that now learners are more independent, studying according to their own needs and pace, they have consequently turned into teachers themselves.

And what better way to continuously work on your personal development than teach? Sharing knowledge sounds compelling to most and it can be a career in itself.

So, if you are contemplating this trend, think about your assets, what you are good at, what you know, what you like doing. Most probably there are people in need of a person willing to make their knowledge available. You can do this the classic way, like writing a book or teaching in a school. But why not accept that the online gives you a larger audience, thus making your quest for financial gains a reality faster and easier? E-commerce comes with a lot of tools you can use to monetize your valuable knowledge.

What can you actually sell?

Knowledge is a product that can be exchanged for currency like any other product. It can take various forms besides what you can sell in the traditional way: e-books, online courses, webinars, tutorials, etc. Aside from having a wider platform where you can sell your products of your creativity, you can take advantage of the marketing facilities you have online.

But whatever you choose to sell, having a product and a website is not enough. What you create has value in itself, but if you fail to promote it, your product's life will be short.

There are a lot of marketing tools to choose from. Writing a blog where you can give free information, offering permanent support through emails, being present and active on social media and online communities will set you among the experts in the field.

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Staying continuously in contact with your target buyers will make you aware of their needs, as their feedback is pure gold. Whether it's a positive one — which gives you the fuel you need to continue and the revenues you expect, or a negative one — which is a reflection of the public's requests and it shows you how to constantly improve your product — it's a win-win situation.

If you make yourself believable, you succeed, because perception is the key. When you have consumers pleased with what you deliver, they inadvertently promote it without even feeling like they do; they merely show gratitude. And this means precious contributions to the value of your own product. If others acclaim it, it's like having proof that what you provide does what it's supposed to, that is to meet the needs of its consumers.

Why do people become knowledge commerce entrepreneurs?

Humans have always tried to show what they're good at. With the online becoming second home to most, it's easier to do just that. The online transforms ordinary people into entrepreneurs, changing their financial status at the same time.

Since every year the number of online workers grows exponentially, becoming an online entrepreneur is an immediate consequence. And it is known to change lives. It's just another proof of how the online can be beneficial to our real life. The quality of life will be better and your personality will shift as a result, becoming a more confident and capable human being, contributing both to the virtual and real world. The satisfaction of doing this is unparalleled.

Sounds tempting?

It's just like riding a bike. Scary at first, but with time you master the moves and tackle the difficulties, turning it into second nature to you. And who's to say you won’t become a model to others wanting to change their lives?

Stop questioning your abilities and take a leap of faith. I'm not saying you won't have to work hard and learn or you won't have moments when you’ll feel like quitting, but all this is meant to make you a strong person with a well-established brand and undeniable position among the professionals in your field of expertise.

Follow our blog’s posts for more on how to start in this business, but also on how to remain present in your consumers’ consciousness.

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