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Using podcasts to promote your online business

You are probably familiar with the oldie but goldie Video Killed the Radio Star. The song dates back to 1979 and it plays on the mixed feelings people had about the new technological evolutions at that time.

Thirty years later, video is still making a killing everywhere with Hollywood franchises tearing down records on opening nights and user generated films getting millions of followers on the modern streaming platforms.

So technology worked well for video but it has also brought radio back in ways that didn’t seem probable a decade ago.

While video demands full attention and thus can’t really be viewed while doing something else (such as walking, for example), podcasting — radio’s glorious grandchild — can be listened to wherever and whenever.

Podcasting in 2019 – the numbers

If you are not necessarily a podcast consumer, you may wonder if this is something that you should really be interested in. Well, as long as you are looking to market something to a large audience, yes you need to take a closer look at podcasting and what it can do for your business.

According to the Edison Podcast Consumer 2019 the audience for podcasting has significantly grown over the past year. Today, 51% of Americans 12+ have ever listened to at least one podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week.

Streaming services are playing a role in the growth of podcasting, with 43% of monthly podcast listeners saying they have listened to a podcast on Spotify, and 35% on Pandora.

54% of podcast consumers declare that they are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts, compared to 7% who say they are less likely.

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Variety is compulsory

Starting your own podcast to promote your online course(s) is not at all complicated but getting people to listen to it and recommend it to others might take some work. The most important aspect is to provide variety in order to keep people interested.

This means you should invite various speakers, from influencers in your niche to satisfied customers.

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Also, try to divide your radiophonic show into different segments and test a variety of topics and approaches to see what’s most catchy.

Games, quizzes and giveaways are always winners with the public so include those from time to time in order to drive engagement up and keep listeners on their toes.

Interviews are also recommended when the format is appropriate for the guests.

Listen to your listeners

Since you want people to come back and bring others, it is crucial that you give them exactly what they want to hear. Ask your followers for suggestions and do your best to take them and turn them into listening material.

If what they would like you to do is not possible at that time (you couldn’t get an interview with a certain person or some material may be copyrighted and you can’t just present it on the air) tell them that and assure them you are doing your best to make it happen at a later date.

The conversations you will start in your podcasts can be continued on social media. Follow them and get involved, it is a great way to build a community around your brand.

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Make your podcasts accessible

Most podcasts are listened to on mobile devices. People are often on the go and turn them on while they are travelling from one spot to another, doing household chores or working out. Multitasking makes them feel like they are making the most of their valuable time.

What you can do for them is to keep the content light and uncomplicated enough. Your listeners should be able to hear it without having to go back, take notes or do additional research – because that will certainly take away the multi and leave them with a lot of tasking instead.

As far as platforms go, there are numerous options on the world wide web. To figure out what would work best for you, take a look here.

Be consistent and follow-through on your promises

Like any creative endeavors, podcasts are a labor of love but a labor nonetheless. There may be times when you will find yourself struggling to find subjects or guests.

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Still, it’s very important that you commit to a schedule and stick to it. If you want people to follow and listen to you, you must give them a good reason to do that.

Sticking to a plan and being present ‘on air’ at established times with the promised subjects will prove that you are reliable. This can only benefit your brand and lead to an enlarged audience and ultimately bigger sales.

All in all

Podcasting does not take as many props and tech as other online marketing means. It is, however, very relevant for modern audiences and you can’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your business through this channel. So now that Christmas is approaching do your list of subjects and people, check it twice and start recording.

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