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How to make a sales page for your course: the presentation essentials

Last time I have talked in detail about how to write an excellent copy for your sales page.

Content is only part of it because, as I am sure you are well aware, we live in a time when presentation matters just as much. The way your page looks, what words or phrases stand out, what media you use, as well as how many user reviews you feature and how you present them are all important aspects that will ultimately make or break your sales record.

How to make a sales page for your course: the presentation essentials

Entrepreneurs generally have only themselves to count on, a fact that comes with both unlimited freedom and great responsibility. Here are some tips on how to present an efficient sales page for your course:

Promote values that speak to your customer persona

I have ended the previous article on this subject with a description of how the benefits of your course should be very clearly stated and connected to the core values of your target audience. What I will add here is that, presentation-wise, it is paramount that these are showcased on the page so that people see them immediately after the webpage is open on their devices.

A well-crafted title will get attention, but you need to take it further than that. In order to stimulate potential customers to read (and eventually buy) more, put engaging headlines that are eloquent of expressions of the benefits you have identified. These should be intriguing but believable.

Have an action-driven phrasing

Even though your goal is for people to read what you put on your sales page, the ultimate objective is for them to do something – buy, subscribe, follow, or share.

Subtlety may be a very valuable literary technique, but it is highly detrimental to any marketing endeavor. Whatever it is you want your audience to do, you have to ask. Specifically. And, even better, repeatedly, using different vocabulary, as various individuals react better to different semantics. Words you can use to drive action are “learn”, “explore”, “enroll”, “do”, “make”, “begin” and any other action verbs that you find fit to the context you build on your page.

Most importantly, use these in headlines that are made to stand out, so there’s a better chance that more people see them.

Use engaging media content

Pictures and videos are worth, to paraphrase a famous eighties love song, ‘more than words’. The modern internet user is used to seeing quality advertising, so make sure you use high-quality, aesthetically appealing imagery, graphics, and infographics that support the concept of your course.

If you manage to present the right media to illustrate those course benefits (the highly personal advantages I keep mentioning), your sales funnel will become exponentially more effective. The human brain processes imagery a lot faster than written text, so if you make that engaging enough, people will stay on the page longer and increase the chances of a purchase.

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Know that video is in a league of its own

A quick peek of all the streaming platforms can show you that video is on top and keeps going higher. There are several types of powerful (and short, no longer than three minutes) videos you ought to consider putting on your course sales page:

  • Self-presentation – talking briefly about who you are and why you chose to go into the e-learning business will offer potential customers the chance to know and resonate with you.
  • A behind-the-scenes sneak-peek will give your audience a glimpse of your ‘workshop’ and will add both to your authority and your authenticity.
  • Industry news is always of interest, especially when we are talking about learners – they have a thirst for knowledge and information.
  • Testimonials are probably the most effective marketing tools, as peer recommendation is one of the top reasons people give when asked about what helped them decide to choose a certain product or service.

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    Start the strongest

    I know that I have been going on first about the best way to write copy and all the things you have to consider, ask, and be wary of, and then about the visual aspect of your sales page, what to include, how to use action-driven headlines and personal videos to create a connection.

    What I am about to advise next is very important, and it does not cancel everything I’ve just said: put what is most relevant and engaging first, because, in this age of speed and multi-tasking, people tend to only look at the first thing that appears and lose patience and a great amount of concentration as they move further.

    Having the most engaging items at the top of the page will increase the odds of those who don’t stay on it for very long remembering something that made an impression and coming back to it for further investigation. And of course, there are also those who will go on and be presented with all the great stuff you created.

    Closing thoughts

    A good sales page is paramount in creating an effective sales funnel for your e-learning course. There is quite a lot of competition in this market, but if you manage to set up a flawless and engaging landing page, you’ll be ahead from the start.

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