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How entrepreneurs can put tech to work for their small businesses

Looking to update your small business operations with some tech? Well, you could be on the right track to help your business grow and thrive. Of course, to make those tech investments worthwhile, you have to think about which elements will provide the most ROI for your efforts. So, before you splurge on new tech for your small business, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Look for new tech that can boost small business profits

There are so many benefits tech can provide for small businesses. You can use the latest tech to increase productivity for you and your staff, create effective marketing strategies, and even provide more flexibility for operating your business.

Some tech, however, can do more than streamline your workflow and operations. Some tech can actually make your business money without extra effort or expense, such as adding dropship capabilities.

With dropshipping, you can virtually create a second business to supplement your profits — and dropshipping doesn’t require a major investment to get started. You won’t need to worry about creating a physical space to house product inventory, and you can choose between various options, from clothing to coffee mugs, that will complement the services and products your small business already offers.

Adding these products can also help your business stand apart in a saturated field, because these products tend to be ones that impulse shoppers simply can’t refuse. Plus, you can change those products to fit changing trends in customer needs and demands.

For business owners who specialize in informational products, another option is to invest in an online course creation platform. Creating educational content enhances your position as an expert in your chosen field. Not only does creating and offering of online courses at varying price points contribute to your bottom line, you can also generate free courses to use as lead magnets for prospective customers and training courses for sales staff or other employees.

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Look for a platform with built-in marketing and sales features for you, as well as user-friendly features, like gamification, for your staff and clients.

Move towards modern POS and mobile checkout technology

Another tech upgrade that can boost profits for small businesses is a simplified checkout process. Customers are accustomed to streamlined and secure payment options, whether shopping online built-in and deliver detailed reports that can help small business owners balance labor expenses with sales.

A more modern POS system can increase productivity and profits for retail set-ups, but some small businesses can benefit from adding mobile payment capabilities as well. Mobile payment devices are especially beneficial for businesses that operate primarily on-the-go, such as cleaning services and food trucks, but can also offer brick-and-mortar retailers an additional revenue stream.

For the most ROI on this small investment, it’s helpful to choose an option that is recognized by consumers and that will integrate seamlessly with any updated POS systems.

Invest in tech services that support small business web presence

For a small business to succeed, it has to stand out. If you have the funding to do so, you should spring for professional web developing services. More specifically, you should invest in a PHP developer who can help design a website that will engage potential customers while also being simple to use. Among the many different skills a freelancer in this field will possess, Upwork points out that a good PHP developer will understand how to use various database technologies, web servers, and content management systems like WordPress.

WordPress benefits small businesses by giving entrepreneurs access to online community perks, retail plug-ins, and features designed to help small businesses and e-commerce shops thrive.

Hiring a web developer is definitely not an inexpensive investment, but it is one that can have big pay-offs for the success of your small business. With an experienced developer, you can help your business avoid common mistakes that could impact profits. Sure, you could save money by creating your own website, but unless you have design experience yourself, that website is less likely to fit your overall branding and can even discourage customers from using your site.

All in all

If you want your business to succeed in today’s market, investing in tech isn’t just an option — it’s a step you cannot afford to miss but upgrading your tech doesn’t have to cut into your profits. The best tech will help boost your profits, simplify your operations, and launch your small business into a new chapter of success.

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