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Additional avenues to explore as an e-learning designer

There is so much going on in the digital world right now that it is impossible to keep up with everything. Since most platforms have AI features, the information we see is filtered, and while it’s very comforting to see things we are interested in, it also keeps us oblivious to news and developments that could be important.

2020 has been an immense challenge, and for e-learning entrepreneurs, it has presented both issues and opportunities. If you feel that you need to do something besides your main business to earn some more money but don’t know exactly which way to go, this post is for you.

Below you’ll find a list of online gigs that are highly compatible with the skills and schedules of e-learning designers, coaches, trainers, bloggers, and social media specialists.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is an excellent opportunity, as it is flexible, and there are many areas in which there is a high demand for content creators. There are two ways to find writing projects – either search for jobs that are posted or be proactive and reach out to sites you would like to contribute to.

Regardless of the approach, the first step will be to build a good portfolio for yourself. This will be your business card when you are trying to win a project. If you decide to pitch your work, it is essential to do your homework and learn about the site and its modus operandi. The most important part of your proposal is showing exactly why your materials will be a good addition to the site.

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Web search evaluation

Search engine evaluating is in high demand. With everything having moved online, searches have also seen a spectacular rise. Since it is used to such an extent, Google is bound to have some bugs at times, so they hire independent contractors to find and report them.

The key skill for the task is SEO. You can find openings either directly on their site or via several other platforms, and there is an initial test and some training hours that are not paid – so you should pursue this only if you want to do this for a long time, not just one-time gig to make some extra bucks (which, by the way, are not spectacular but decent given the work from home opportunity and schedule flexibility).


Podcasting can turn into a lucrative endeavor if you do it right. Many people are very tired of screens and turn to podcast listening as a break from too much visual. It’s important to talk about a subject that you are passionate about and thoroughly think through both the niche you are addressing and the format that will work best for your purpose.

It will also help if you have the right connections to bring in exciting guests. Once you have a big enough follower base, you can monetize the podcast by selling short airtimes for advertising.

This is an avenue to pursue if you are ready to be in it for the long haul. It takes time and effort (plus some special equipment), but it also can deliver very good results.

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Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a VA is something worth considering. Maybe you've noticed that people who have a "VA" at the end of their name. Not all of them live in the great state of Virginia. They're social media group admins. VA stands for Virtual Assistant, and the job description (as well as the remuneration for it) can vary.

There are specialized groups on social media where you can learn more about what this twenty-first-century job entails and even some online courses to help you brush up on the relevant skills.

Just as in the case of freelance writing, you can either search for available positions or set up your own site and reach out to potential customers by advertising what you could do for them. This does not necessarily require any new equipment, and it’s best if you target clients who need your expertise.

Getting into design

Designing infographics, whitepapers and guides is something that many businesses, big and small, are willing to pay for. You will need to have a good-looking portfolio and be ready to do some test runs for your clients to see if you fit their image and voice.

If you are an instructional designer, this should be right up your alley, and you may even be able to repurpose some of your previous projects.

If you choose this path, it’s best to have your own dedicated business page and showcase an appealing gallery. Marketing yourself as a copywriter in a specific niche will help you get clients when you start and build a reputation from there – testimonials, as you well know, are essential in this line of business. The more requests you get, the higher you can charge for your services.

Optimizing Pinterest presence

Optimizing any company’s presence on Pinterest is something you might not have thought of at all, as there is a general misconception that the platform is all about holiday recipes and wedding bouquets. Not only is it not that narrow (quite the contrary), but it is on the rise again, and demographic groups that used to either be oblivious to or ignore it are taking an active interest.

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So, if you have some Pinterest knowledge and have managed to harness its potential to successfully promote your own products, you are golden for companies looking to do the same. You would basically be developing a Pinterest strategy involving relevant boards, a pinning timeline and frequency, and the setting of easily measured KPIs to keep track of progress and results.

Closing thoughts

All these extra project options to make money on do not take away from your main purpose – whether that is to be an e-learning specialist, online course designer, trainer, or coach. If anything, having any of these experiences will only add to your knowledge while also earning you some extra funds.

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