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4 Types of online learning products you could be selling right now

The market for online learning has significantly increased in recent years, making it possible for many people to start their businesses by creating and selling online courses. The sky is the limit in terms of topics, course format, payment options, customer relationships, you name it.

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As the market has expanded, so did the variety of products related to online courses that entrepreneurs could be selling. One or more online courses can be tweaked and transformed into several products that add value to a knowledge-based business.

4 Types of online learning products you could be selling

While online courses remain the most common learning product, entrepreneurs need to expand their offer and tap into other types of products that could help them increase their revenue and reach new audiences.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular online learning products that any course creator could be selling right now:

  1. Subscriptions

    Instead of having learners pay a one-time fee for your online course, you could be offering a subscription service, where they get access to your course on a monthly or yearly basis. Subscriptions work well for complex courses where there is a lot of content to take in, and learners see the value of having the course available for more extended periods. Subscriptions can be used to provide access to one online course, or you can offer multiple courses as a package.

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  2. Bundles

    Bundles work well to group courses that have a similar topic and then sell those courses to your audience as a package. Usually, bundles have a discounted price, making them more attractive to purchase than buying each course. This is a good strategy for motivating people to buy more of your well-thought products and an easy way to increase sales.

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  3. Learning paths

    Learning paths are made of a collection of online courses that provide a straightforward way that learners must take to master a topic or a skill. Suppose you already have available multiple courses on the same topic that provide content for different levels, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In that case, these could work very well as a path—this a great way of capturing newcomers who want to get proficient on a topic and advance gradually.

  4. Digital media

    In the beginning, many online course creators focus on just selling courses without taking into consideration other options. The truth is, creating an excellent online course can take a lot of time, so you might want to consider expanding your offer and provide your audience with some short-form content as well. Digital media such as videos, e-books, and audio guides, are faster to create than regular courses and can be sold successfully as stand-alone products. What’s more, they build awareness for your brand, which can help you sell even more courses in the long run.

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Wrapping up

There you have it, four types of online learning products that you could be selling that you may not have considered before. The core of each of these products is still your usual online courses. The main difference is the packaging and the audience that they are marketed to. If you already have a few courses available or other types of content, you might be able to build these new products quickly and increase sales by expanding your current offer.

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