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4 Easy ways to build an email list to promote your online course

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing which, believe it or not, helps you keep your customers better than social media marketing and many other types of marketing. Customer retention score is considerable bigger in the case of email marketing, compared to the other types. Entrepreneurs have studied these figures and determined that it's cheaper to retain customers than acquire a new one as it returns 32$ for every 1$ invested!

If you want you business to succeed, you need to find out everything there is about email marketing. Emails are used more and more nowadays, with the numbers increasing daily from 3.7 billion users in 2017 to 4.3 billion estimated users by 2022.

These numbers speak for themselves. Having so many users, emails are the perfect way to promote your product and to develop and maintain a relationship with your customers. What’s more, it allows you to cultivate customer loyalty. This means you first get them to believe you and feel invested in your story and then you nurture what you’ve built by constantly considering your audience and their needs.

In this process, building an email list is what you need to get things started. An email list is a database of email subscribers that opted to receive promotional messages from you, through which you share your story, promote your business and showcase your products.

4 Easy ways to build an email list

A great email list facilitates the process of transforming subscribers into paying customers. To do this, you need to retain your customers through relevant and valuable content, by creating a strong relationship with your audience and by helping them solve a specific problem and achieve their goals.

You can ask your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter to receive unique and valuable content plus exclusive deals to purchase your online course. Here are 4 strategies you can use to build your email list:

  1. Create personalized CTAs

    By adding a personalized call to action (or CTA) on every blog post or landing page and encouraging visitors to subscribe to your content you will offer your visitors content directly linked to their needs, increasing your click-through-rate. You should also consider adding another CTA on landing pages or on longer blog posts with the purpose to get the indecisive visitors to convert.

    It's important to know that your CTA should be visible on the page, no matter it’s exact location. Visitors need to know exactly what you want from them or what you want to offer them.

  2. Try out pop-ups

    There are many types of pop-ups you can use:

    • scroll pop-ups — they appear after visitors scroll down the page to a certain point
    • exit pop-ups — they appear when visitors tend to leave, and the purpose is to get at least an email address if not a purchase
    • timed pop-ups — they appear after your visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your page or
    • persistent bars — always present at the top or bottom of your page

    Whichever you choose, just don't be pushy and don't interrupt your visitor's experience with irrelevant offers or you will have a high bounce rate.

  3. Attract them with lead magnets

    Your customers must have a clear picture of what you want them to do and what they get in exchange of their email addresses. Remember that people are reluctant to offering personal information at least when they don't get anything in return, anything valuable enough.

    The WIIFM factor weighs a lot. Therefore, you must offer incentives to trade for their emails, like free tools, e-books, a blog post, special offers, exclusive information, unique content. These are called lead magnets and they are very powerful in attracting subscribers willing to convert.

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  4. Engage your social media followers

    Since everyone has at least one social media account, I’m sure you already have your well-established followers. Ask them for their emails to subscribe to your newsletter in exchange of incentives, like the one mentioned above. You can also share previews of your products with them, making your followers feel privileged and satisfied to gain something out of their loyalty..

    Leverage social media platforms by posting interesting content, creating polls and surveys, answering questions on Quora, keeping your followers updated through Twitter, sharing links to your online course or your posts on an online community platform. You really need to be present and consistent in nurturing your relationship with your audience.

Final thoughts

Although email marketing is time-consuming, it's a free way of making yourself present in your audience's consciousness, thus increasing customer conversion. Remember that people don't give their personal data easily, so make sure you provide what they really need in exchange. And don't forget to make your emails personal, considering the human factor, in order to retain your customers and increase sales.

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