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4 Awesome apps to track learner data and make the most of it

Learner data tracking helps you understand your learners' behavior on your platform. Analyzing and interpreting this data contributes to better course optimization for your learners and increased revenues for you as an entrepreneur. 

Tracking your potential customers and learners' footprints on your website and throughout your course is the key to success. It shows where you need to be more flexible and offer different learning experiences to cater to individual needs.

As a course creator and entrepreneur, you have to consider your learners' satisfaction and experience to reach a balanced and profitable business. Your learners' behavior and involvement will determine their success, but also your status as a professional in the field. 

4  Awesome apps for tracking learner data

The online environment is a complex market of tools ready to assist you in gathering the best and reliable data you need to make informed decisions for your business. These online tools offer you accurate data collection on various metrics such as user engagement, customer satisfaction, customer acquisition, and retention rate. 

Here are four of the most useful apps to track learner behavior and make the best of it:


  1. Facebook Pixel


    Facebook Pixel is a free app that tracks conversions from Facebook Ads. It assists you when trying to build an audience for your course by tracking the web traffic across multiple devices. Your ads are optimized for your potential customers based on the data the app collects. 

    Facebook Pixel uses the data to deliver ads to those who are more likely to take action for conversion optimization. Also, the data you collect helps you make informed decisions regarding your course success to enhance your sales funnel. 

    Metrics: track the movements of any visitors who are simultaneously connected to Facebook, measure the effectiveness of your advertising, track conversions.

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  2. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics helps you understand how your learners engage with your platform. The statistics help you determine the strategy for SEO optimization and marketing purposes by tracking your website traffic.

    With free access to detailed reporting tools and data analysis, Google Analytics allows you to gain valuable insights on customer experience. Every detail you learn helps you discover patterns and trends in learner-content interaction, which is crucial when offering the best learning experience that keeps your audience engaged and increases participation rates. Then, you can use this data to improve your course. 

    Metrics: users, bounce rates, sessions, average session duration, percentage of new sessions, pages per session, goal completion, page views. 

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  3. Mixpanel

    Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform that assists you in tracking your learners' actions. The insights you gather provide you with a solid background to improve learner experience and make data-driven decisions. You get to go beneath the surface and discover which features are popular and what behavior your learners showcase to ensure you have all the data you need. 

    Mixpanel helps you build retroactive funnels and analyze conversion rates along the way. You will get information on the types of users that stick around and how learners interact with your course. 

    The reports you can generate will allow you to visualize and break down engagement trends, build funnels, search for retention drivers, see the impact of your course, understand every user, and compare their behavior in groups of similar behaviors.

    Since you will always have new learners for your course, it’s necessary to know that their preferences change, so the metrics have to change accordingly. Mixpanel analysis allows you to collect information on behavioral trends to meet each learner’s needs. 

    Metrics: insights reports, funnels report, retention report, flow report, impact report, users, cohort analysis.

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  4. Segment 

    Segment offers a simple installation with a free plan to clean, collect, and control customer data in a complete data toolkit for your business. With unified data in one place for each learner, you can build data-driven courses to cater to potential customers’ needs and make decisions for high performance.

    This tool allows you to identify, organize and standardize data through a single tracking plan across your web and mobile apps. 

    To create a successful course, you need to ensure that each learner-content interaction is personal and unique and the learning experiences feel specially crafted. To better understand your audience and their needs, you can use the data collected from digital ads, your website, or your email to offer a straightforward learning experience. 

    Metrics: sign-ups per week, conversion rates, total monthly recurring revenue.


Analytics tools are essential for marketing success. In addition, the success of your business is measured by how much value it brings to the learners. Thus, understanding learner satisfaction and behavior will allow you to offer a better experience and sell more online courses. 

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