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10 Types of businesses that thrive through online courses

Recent events have caused the disruption of activity for entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world. Some entrepreneurs have been more affected than others, especially the ones where the main line of business is dependent on providing services for people, such as restaurants, hotels, stores, etc.

Not being able to cater to your clients for several weeks can really have an impact on your small business, and that’s why it’s important now more than ever to be prepared and have a backup plan. Entrepreneurs need to think of ways in which they can have multiple streams of income from their business so that when a similar situation happens, there will be an alternative revenue to rely on.

In 2020, many entrepreneurs have been pushed to find ways to continue their activity in the online world, this way still being there for their clients and maybe even finding new clients. An easy way to transition your business online is by creating online courses related to your business.

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You may be wondering if doing an online course could work for you. Yes, it will. Online courses nowadays are so diverse, that almost any topic or skill can be taught online. Also, the initial money and time investment is quite low, making it a quick solution to put in practice.

You’re already an expert in your business, so why not share that knowledge with a bigger audience?

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10 Types of businesses that thrive through online courses

If you’re still not sure that online courses are suited for you, here are some of the most popular types of businesses that can thrive through online courses right now:

  1. Food and beverage

    Culinary courses are always trendy because there are so many topics that you can approach. If you’re an expert on cupcakes, you can do an online course just about that. If you’re a skilled bartender, you can teach other people how to mix drinks. You can cover meal planning, fancy dishes, regional recipes, vegan cooking, you name it. The options are endless.

  2. Beauty and makeup

    Beauty experts were really affected by the pandemic, with many hair salons, barbershops, and all sorts of beauty establishments being closed, so having online courses as an additional revenue could be beneficial. You can create courses that are addressed to your clients or you can create professional courses for other beauty experts. I actually know a lash expert that used to do live training in her salon, but now she’s creating an online course on how to do lash extensions.

  3. Home and garden

    If you have a plant shop or gardening business then it might be worth creating an online course about taking care of houseplants or gardening techniques. If you have a store that sells items for homes, you could create a course about interior design tips for beginners or how to select the right furniture for a house. You can also do courses on woodwork, electrical work for houses, and much more.

  4. Pet care

    This is a good opportunity for veterinary cabinets or pet grooming salons. You can create courses on basic pet care, first steps when there is a pet emergency, how to groom your pet at home, how to provide a healthy lifestyle for your pet, taking care of specific pet breeds, and more.

  5. Fitness

    I think this year we will see many new online courses related to fitness and health because it’s such a versatile topic. The pandemic has made people realize that it is possible to be fit without going to a physical gym and to also save time and money by doing an online fitness class. Whether it’s yoga, strength training, lifting weights, diet and nutrition, kineto-therapy, or something else, there is an online course that can be created.

  6. Dancing

    Dance classes have always been a group activity, but in times like these when having multiple people together at the same time and in the same closed location is a challenge, dance studios should consider creating an online version of their classes. You already have the perfect setup for this in your studio, so it’s not that hard to create a video version of your dance lessons and create an online course that could reach a bigger audience.

  7. Business skills

    If you are a freelancer that usually does live training on various skills such as programming, design, accounting, office tools, and so on, this is the perfect opportunity to take that knowledge and convert into an online course. I know a trainer that used to do live classes on Office Excel full-time and, to not lose her revenue completely during this time, quickly started teaching this skill online.

  8. Arts and crafts

    There are many types of arts and crafts that can be easily taught through an online course. Whether this was your main business or you’re just really good at various crafts, you can try creating a course on your topic. You can create courses on drawing, painting, calligraphy, knitting, sewing, cross-stitching, DIY projects, and many more.

  9. Pregnancy and parenting

    Was it your main line of business doing live training sessions with soon to be moms and parents? Well, you can actually convert that content into online classes, so that your audience can still participate even when live sessions are not possible. You can do Lamaze classes, first aid for babies, parenting techniques and tricks, and much more.

  10. Academics

    Every teacher knows the topic they are teaching inside out. Recently, many educators had to make the switch to online teaching, so why not create a fully online course on your topic? Whether it’s Biology, French, History, or Physics, you can take the time to create an online course, and even if you don’t want to sell it, you can use it as teaching support for your classes when classes are suspended. An online course is also a good way of making sure that students who miss classes with reason have an easy way to catch-up.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, 10 types of businesses that can thrive through online courses! I hope these examples will encourage you to think about what type of online course you could create based on your business or expertise. Your knowledge is valuable and there is an audience for everyone on the market. You just have to get started.

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