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How video-based courses make training more effective

Effective training is a necessity for personal and professional development regardless of the purpose for which it was taken. In an organization, training is used for many reasons ranging from mastering organization procedures or work ethics to building up professional skills. As a matter of fact, most successful businesses understand the value of effective training as a contributing factor to their successes. They invest a lot in getting their personnel trained because to them an investment in human development is the one of the smartest decision any business can make.

However, with the eruption in the digital technology, it is important that we improve in how we do things in order not to be left behind in this advancing world. This includes the use of digital technology in training delivery. Videos have been linked to being a highly contributive factor when it comes to effective training and organizations that have not been leveraging this tool are definitely missing a lot.

No doubt about it, passing information through digital imagery (videos inclusive) is one of the effective ways through which people assimilate information the more these days. Look around you, there is a reason why most people spend more time on social media like YouTube and Instagram to get information instead of browsing through a website with loads of texts. This is because videos command engagement, save time, and you also have fun while learning instead of reading through some boring lumps of text.

In this post, you will get to learn ways by which video-based courses can make training more effective and the benefits you tend to gain either as a trainer or as a trainee.

Video commands engagement

Videos engage people the more compared to text-based content, so why not leverage this benefit to create effective training content that participants will gain more from. Videos often contain attractive and engaging elements that will make the viewers stuck to it and these same elements can be integrated into training videos to make them appealing to the trainee and make the courses engaging and fun at the same time while learning.

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Video-based content make learning flexible and cost-effective

Video-based content gives the privilege to learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere you will learn best. This ensures that you take time and learn at your own speed. In other words, video-based content make the participants feel like they are in charge since they learn at their own most effective time and pace.

Traveling sometimes can be boring; in fact, who wants to travel all the time to get to a training location when you can simply get the same training with a click away without leaving the office or even your home. Video-based training reduces the time you spend traveling and this means you can channel that time and energy into something beneficial.

As a business owner, while planning training for your employee or taking a course somewhere else you should give video-based training or certification a consideration. It doesn’t just save time, it also saves you the traveling expenses and stress that comes with it.

Video training courses enable micro-learning

For training to be effective, the course duration should not be longer than the participant attention span. This is one of the factors to consider when creating courses and in which many course designers still fail in this aspect. Investing time to stay focused on a messy note or presentation is a challenge and boring at the same time, especially in situations where people want to make every second count.

As a trainer, you should find an alternative means that will make you achieve the same training goal and that is where video-based content comes in. It allows you to break the course content into small bits that the participants will enjoy learning based on their own ability and pace. Micro-learning curriculum framework allows you to break the courses into sessions with a duration of 3-4 minutes each. This allows more focus and makes the training more effective.

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Video training is traceable

There are situations that warrant tracking the progress of the trainee to see how well the training is going. Due to technology, you can now track if the training participant has viewed the course content or not or maybe performed the tasks included in the training.

Also, video-based courses allow you to access the training content anytime even after you have finished the course. You can still have access to the training portal to check and revisit the courses, which means it creates a permanent course content where you can always visit to refresh your mind about what was being taught.

Video-based training content makes immersive storytelling effective

It is a common belief that storytelling is an effective way of passing information as it catches the attention of the audience. And this can be confirmed because humans will naturally pay attention when it is time for stories. Training content that integrates attention-grabbing stories into their content tends to be more effective as it engages the participants and make them focus on the matter at hand. There are some aspects of a training that may not be vividly described using texts, so the use of videos make it possible for trainers to create a vivid image of the topic and convey the knowledge in an easy way that makes learning both simple and fun.

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Lastly, for professional certification and personal development to occur learning must be a continuous process. That means the importance of training can never be underrated and as such we have to make it effective as much as possible to achieve the end goals.


As you can see from the points discussed above, video-based content is an important factor to stimulate an effective training process. If you're interested in finding out more about video training courses as well as an excellent certification body, take a look here.