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How to use an LMS to engage your employees beyond training

In today’s corporate world, most companies are using an LMS or some sort of learning platform to train their employees. Professional skills development is a constant endeavor, regardless of department, job tenure, or even location.

While an LMS is an excellent tool for online training, these platforms also have many other use cases that companies could benefit from. One example is using a corporate LMS for your employee marketing efforts.

A modern learning management system has many functionalities that facilitate learner engagement, so why not use it to engage your employees beyond training sessions?

How to use an LMS to engage your employees beyond training

Let’s have a look at some of the LMS functionalities that companies could use for employee marketing:


Groups are an easy way to engage your employees and encourage them to connect. A great way to get started is to create a company-wide group to share important updates. You can also create groups for each department and enable employees to connect at a team level. You can even create a group that serves as a book club or other non-work-related interests.


Some LMSs provide a company blog feature. It doesn’t have to be very complex or have long articles. It’s enough to share news about the company, success stories, team-building activities, and even highlight outstanding employees.


Every LMS has an aggregated news feed that companies can use to push all sorts of announcements such as reminders about upcoming events. Employees can easily receive updates every time they log into the LMS, and they can also get an email alert when something new is posted.


Most LMS systems provide a calendar functionality that companies can use for more than scheduling training sessions. You can add company events, team-building activities, company-wide meetings, and more. It’s good for employees to see all events in a single centralized location.


You don’t need a fancy email marketing tool to send company-wide emails. Usually, LMSs have a built-in messaging tool that companies can use to create and send out emails to all employees. You can quickly build a weekly or monthly newsletter to share important company updates. Employees will get a notification and an email copy each time.

Company-wide games

To boost employee engagement, you can create LMS site-wide games that reward employees as they complete certain activities. Rewards can be points, badges, or even coupons. For example, you can award a badge for every group an employee joins or award points when an employee enrolls in a new course. The most active employees can receive a coupon to buy more courses or other learning products.

Wrapping up

Using an LMS for more than training sessions can improve training performance. If the LMS becomes a central hub for everything that’s happening within the organization, employees will tend to spend more time on the platform, learn how to use it better, and be more involved in training sessions. Also, having just one platform for training purposes and employee marketing activities will reduce a lot of hassle for everyone in the company.