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3 Reasons why e-learning and growth go hand in hand

The connection between e-learning and increased business growth is clearer than ever. According to’s L&D report, companies that experience revenue growth are more than twice as likely to be utilizing innovative technologies like e-learning in their L&D offering.

Additionally, the report also highlights that among more than half of the L&D departments surveyed (63%), e-learning is the main learning technology used in their 2019 corporate training strategy, finishing above newer cutting-edge learning technologies such as virtual classrooms (23%), gamification (21%) and VR (4%).

Defined as the delivery of learning and training via digital resources, or online learning, e-learning benefits both employees and employers alike, encapsulating an affordable, measurable and time-efficient training method that can be personalized to meet each individual employee’s skill training needs.

3 Reasons why e-learning and growth go hand in hand

Much more than simply ensuring your workforce are up-to-date and compliant with regulatory training, the true potential of employee development should be considered. Growth and corporate training connect — it’s only a question of which tools will get you there.

Read on to find out the top three reasons why e-learning is the best choice for your companies training needs.

A tailor-made experience

Employee engagement is crucial for onboarding and retention. Providing personalized learning opportunities in the workplace that are geared towards the upskilling of individual employees is a proven way to attract the most committed and loyal people to your company.

Personalization makes for more effective and efficient learning and allows employees to accommodate their training to better suit their professional and personal development goals. Instead of spending time and money on creating standardized ‘one-size-fits-all’ training programs, e-learning allows L&D departments to tailor their training content to individual roles, resulting in better nurturing of talent, higher employee engagement and increased growth.

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

E-learning is adaptable in more ways than one. As well as its potential to be personalized, digital training offers the possibility of distance learning, which means that employees can access their training course content regardless of their location, so long as they have a digital device available. The latter represents another aspect of e-learning’s flexibility, the possibility of access through a range of different technological mediums, whether it’s a mobile device, laptop, tablet or desktop, e-learning can adapt to better suit the learner.

Making training available no matter where you are or what digital device you possess is one of the many wonders that e-learning has to offer companies and their employees. It allows staff to learn at their own pace, as well as cutting costs for employers in a myriad of ways, such as in travel expenses and training materials.

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Prove the ROI of L&D

One of the biggest challenges companies face is proving the ROI of talent development initiatives. E-learning offers an easy solution by aligning all goals and progression in one LMS. A successful L&D program should allow learners to be aware of how achieving performance goals will help them advance their career and expand their skills. With e-learning, all the involved parties are granted a higher level of authority over the entire process from start to finish.

The high level of transparency e-learning provides means HR teams and managers can monitor progress in a non-invasive manner, and senior staff can be kept in the loop with the benefit of knowing that their teams can receive regular on-site contact and support. The outcomes of e-learning programs can then be extrapolated to reward top performers and optimize future L&D strategies.

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Wrapping up

On the frontline, e-learning empowers staff to develop their knowledge and skills at their own pace, with close guidance from their company. Employees benefit from the freedom to take breaks when needed, they can keep track of how much of a task they have left to complete, and most importantly, they are able to analyze their results to identify strengths and areas for future growth.

In order to find their competitive advantage, companies must begin finding innovative ways of engaging staff and spurring growth. Impactful L&D programs like e-learning fulfill this need by looking beyond traditional teaching and encouraging a working environment based on self-learning. E-learning solutions offer companies a measurable, flexible and unique model for growth, engaging employees with an active and rewarding development path.

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