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Choosing CYPHER Neo as a Blackboard Learn alternative for your school

A complete e-learning solution for your institution

NEO LMS vs Blackboard

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Intuitive design

CYPHER Neo has an intuitive design that is easy to use even by a first-grader. The platform is mobile-friendly and enables teachers and students to have an enjoyable learning experience anytime, anywhere.

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All-in-one integrated solution

CYPHER Neo provides all the tools educators need to support efficient teaching and learning to build engaging classes, assess students, track their achievement, and facilitate collaboration.

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Intelligent features

CYPHER Neo helps students learn new concepts and skills by incorporating learning goals, recommendations, automation and analytics to provide a smarter, personalized learning experience.

Join our millions of happy CYPHER Neo users

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CYPHER Neo is a platform that’s easy to use and it helped me to upload all my materials in the same place from attendance, grades, lessons, assignments, and more.

Lina Khater, Teacher, American Creativity Academy-ACA

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CYPHER Neo offers a wide range of tools that make learning exciting, enjoyable, and seamless. Besides that there are numerous learning resources that I can share with my students.

Robert Muthomi, Teacher, MPESA Foundation

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CYPHER Neo improved my teaching skills in creating and delivering instructional content and it made communication and collaboration between students and faculty better.

Mark Infante, Faculty member, St. Scholastica's College


How can I see a demo of the platform?arrow

You can book a 1:1 demo session with one of our dedicated sales reps. If you’d rather someone from our sales department contacts you, just fill out the form below.

Can I migrate safely to CYPHER Neo LMS?arrow

You bet! We offer free migration from any LMS. Our dedicated Edtech team is made up of education specialists who are happy to guide you through a step-by-step onboarding process.

How much does the storage cost?arrow

Nothing. We don’t charge dollars for any extra gigabyte. Because we understand that teachers and students need to access files in a limitless central repository.

Do you provide a mobile version of the platform? arrow

Our app works both on iOS and Android so that you get the full functionality of CYPHER Neo LMS. Teachers, administrators, students, or parents can use it anytime, and anywhere, even offline. 

Is CYPHER Neo LMS accessible for any user type? arrow

Our platform’s accessibility features are suitable for students with disabilities. We provide hidden content, a “skip to content” shortcut, underlined links setting, and a high contrast theme. 

Can I see comparisons between CYPHER Neo and other learning platforms?arrow

On our website, we have a section dedicated to comparisons. In this area, you can check out the comparison that you’re interested in and learn more about what makes us different.

Is CYPHER Neo available in other languages?arrow

Currently, the learning platform is available in 40+ languages, including right to left ones. Forum postings and messages are automatically translated, so peers can connect instantly.

I still have questions. Where can I reach out?arrow

We’d love to help you out. You can get in touch with one of our sales representatives using the form below or get an answer right away using the chat feature on our website.

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