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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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Top 5 reasons why higher education institutions select an LMS

Universities continue to expand their online learning programs. Such programs are evolving from being merely a novelty or convenience to becoming a full-on organizational strategy for many institutions. An effective learning management system (LMS) is critical to success. The LMS is the core technology that enables all the stakeholders in online learning, from students to faculty and administrators, to come together and perform the tasks that are essential for positive educational outcomes.

This paper explores the five main reasons why a university selects a particular LMS. It is based on the experiences of PeerSpot members who use CYPHER's LMS. They discuss the top five selection factors that go into choosing an LMS. These are scalability, cost and time savings, user experience and ease of use, personalization of learning, and user engagement.

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