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Our favorite teacher memes for 2019

Dear fellow teachers,

We have reached the end of another year and you probably had a busy time, especially these past weeks. From spending countless hours grading papers to endless staff meetings, from disengaged students to know-it-all parents, from cold coffee to no lunch, from sleepless nights to awful mornings, from envious comments because of your 'many' days off to the frustration of not having time for your personal life, we all go through the highs and lows of being a teacher.

However, we all know why we keep doing this job: 'for the big bucks'... just kidding! I know you are passionate about what you do and the rewards that you receive from your students compensate for everything else that might put you down.

I am pretty sure you've been trying to forget all the nagging things that come with the job during this festive time, but I would like to give you a short meme retrospective of this year.

Confident beginning

When the new school year begins and you have all the energy in the word which you think will last.

Teacher meme - Confident beginning


Wishful thinking

When you begin teaching, whether for the first time or at the beginning of the school year, we all imagine ourselves having the best relationship with your students, that last until a few weeks into the first semester.

Teacher meme - Wishful thinking


Staying calm

When you try to keep your composure when a student makes silly remarks wondering if they are on purpose or not.

Teacher meme - Staying calm


Finally, some quiet time

When you manage to have your students engaged in their work, there is always that student who seems bothered by the peace and quiet in the class.

Teacher meme - Finally, some quiet time


Forgetful students

When you find papers which have no name on them and your students are shocked you didn't grade their work.

Teacher meme - Forgetful students


Lucky you

Every teacher has experienced at least once this misconception. Only the ones directly involved in the educational system will understand the amount of work teachers do every single day from the moment they wake up in the morning until the very last second before falling asleep.

Teacher meme - Lucky you


No stress

When you work so much you cannot even remember what you did seconds before. We all feel a lot older, especially when we are tired, although people say that working with children helps you stay young.

Teacher meme - No stress


'Blackmailing' your students

When you realize you have special powers.

Teacher meme - 'Blackmailing' your students


Grading papers

When you think you only have a few papers to grade but you end up needing a suitcase to carry them.

Teacher meme - Grading papers



When you realize that the need to go to the restroom is proportional to the age of your students, the older they are the more frequent the physiological urgency. Plus, it seems contagious.

Teacher meme - P+P+......+P


Tired? Who? Me?

When you feel so tired you cannot hide it and it becomes a part of you.

Teacher meme - Tired? Who? Me?


Keep up the good work!

We sometimes feel so tired and overwhelmed that we question how good we are as teachers and if we are really cut out for the job. I'm here to tell you that you are a great teacher and caring for your students and trying your best every day only go to show what a wonderful person you are. This is exactly how a teacher should be like, so keep up the good work!

Teacher meme - Keep up the good work!


See you in 2020!

Hope I made you smile a bit and you understand that you are not the only one feeling tired or stressed out.

May you have a new year full of accomplishments and patience and keep spreading your magic.

For everything you do, I thank you!

Make sure to follow our blog in 2020 as well.

Happy New Year!

A teacher

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