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Top 10 tips on how to increase your email CTR

It is a well-known fact that a product won't stand a chance without proper marketing and, in this context, entrepreneurs have to find as many ways as possible to bring customers closer to their products.

Email marketing is one strategy that can boost your sales and have a positive impact on your income. With so many people using emails daily, email marketing is the perfect way to promote your online course and to develop and maintain a relationship with your customers. What’s more, it allows you to cultivate customer loyalty.

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In this domain, a key factor is the CTR, (click-through-rate) which shows how many people clicked on a link, a CTA or an image within your email. The CTR can be established by dividing the number of clicks with the number of emails sent.

10 Ways to increase your email CTR

Marketing using emails leverages everything an email is: provider of content, clicks generator and conversion facilitator. The challenge is getting people to take action and access your email campaigns once they’ve opened and read the email.

Here are some things you can apply to your own email marketing campaigns that will boost your CTR:

  1. Provide essential and relevant content

    Content is key. Starting with the subject title, everything an email contains may or may not land you the wanted conversion. The subject title is the first thing people see and the one that attracts their attention. If it targets something they are interested in, they will most likely open it. If your title is not addressing the readers’ needs, you won't have to worry about CTRs since they won't even open your email.

    Once you create a catchy subject, you still need to make sure your prospects read the content of your email. Unless you provide essential and relevant information, they will fail to convert.

  2. Optimize for every device

    Nowadays people are on the run, so more than a half of the number of emails sent are opened on mobile devices. Not adapting the content for these modern gadgets translates into lower open rates, which in turn means a low CTR.

    Mobile optimization is crucial because you cannot lose so many prospects due to poor adaptation of content to other devices. It has been proven that most conversions happen on a computer, but it is more likely for readers to open the emails on a mobile.

  3. Add images

    The purpose of email marketing is to have readers do something for you. To make them take their time to read your email it is advisable to include images. Researchers have determined that emails are read entirely if they contain images by more people than if they only have text. However, don’t use too many, as that could also bring along negative consequences.

    Due to the need of optimization, you should also include ALT text in case some devices do not open the image. In this way, everyone receives the same amount of information and you will treat your audience equally.

  4. Keep brand consistency

    Everyone feels comfortable when they see something familiar. It gives them a sense of belonging and it provides the confidence people need when taking any action. Make sure you have the same logos, titles, images, fonts, colors, and so on, for every single marketing tool you use in a particular email campaign.

  5. Pay attention to the layout

    The way you arrange things in your email influences how much time people spend reading your content. It has been proven that the average readers stay focused for the first part of the content and then they tend to scan the text. So, organize your email by placing the important aspects in an F-pattern to address the modern reader.

  6. Consider a P.S. section

    A P.S. section is usually used when you want to add something important at the end of an email. You should leverage this possibility since people read the sections they consider important. This way you are sure you've regained your reader's attention in case it started to fade from the first lines of your text.

  7. Include social sharing icons

    These icons are a must because we live online too. Having the possibility to share what people receive has become a constant in most campaigns. This happens due to the desire to make others feel your enthusiasm about the things you see, read about and want. Providing this chance to your audience will make you get in return a new list of potentially customers.

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  8. Be careful with timing

    Timing is everything, everybody says. To increase your CTR, you have to choose the perfect timing to send the emails. Studies have shown that people are more likely to check their emails before and after working hours and also during the weekend. So schedule a sending time for your next email campaign asap.

  9. Personalize it as much as possible

    Sending marketing emails won't have an instant result. But by addressing the readers by their names or by sending content of their interest will definitely increase your chances of getting a conversion.

    Try to declutter your email list to get rid of those subscribers that will never purchase anything. You can do this by asking them if they want to receive more information, less information or unsubscribe altogether. This is a step that will create a clear picture of what the outcomes might be. After doing this you can send personalized emails and target even more the committed audience.

  10. Never stop testing

    There’s no perfect recipe, so the only thing you can do is test your choices, see want works and then establish a template for all your campaigns. You can test everything from subject titles to layouts to CTAs to try to reach the draft that works.

    But remember that what today works, tomorrow might not. Which means you have to be prepared to reinvent your strategies along the way. With each campaign gather information about your prospects and use it when your CTR drops. So, don't hesitate to push the refresh button on your marketing effort, this might be the shift it needs.

Concluding remarks

Email marketing should be part of your strategies of getting people to buy your online course. But the most important thing is to respect your customers and try to connect with them in such a way they feel you have a relationship based on trust and commitment. Everything else will fall into place once your readers feel part of a community and they will rise your CTRs if they consider you have each other's interests at heart.

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