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10 Digital tools for e-learning entrepreneurs to collect and analyze customer feedback

Customer needs and demands grow every day. We live in a customer experience era with high expectations regarding products and services, so businesses turn their focus to the voice of the customer.

The voice of the customer (VoC) collects and analyzes how customers use products and services, pinpoints customer satisfaction and performance metrics, and helps you make informed decisions. VoC data also helps identify potential issues with your product, evaluate new ideas or solutions, and customize your product to suit your customers' needs.

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First, you need to gather feedback from your course buyers through surveys, reviews, interviews, social media, live chat, or directly on your website and, then, analyze the data. VoC tools help you make sense of the feedback you receive and find actionable information for better business outcomes.

Getting feedback from your customers is not enough. You need to put your customer at the center of your vision and derive benefits for your online course business from their feedback.

VoC tools let you assess preferences and expectations and determine which customer needs are profitable to implement. Consequently, you understand your customers and improve loyalty and revenue scores.

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10 Digital tools to collect and analyze customer feedback

VoC is a marketing research technique you need to successfully understand, manage, and develop customer experience in three stages: collect, analyze and act. The following tools will help you learn from and improve your customers' experience.

  1. Alchemer

    Alchemer is a tool that goes beyond simply listening and measuring the voice of your customers. It helps you engage with your customers and identify who your audience is, which product will succeed and what the next steps are according to your customers' desires and needs. You don't just collect information on your customer; you act upon it to better serve your online business.

  2. AskNicely

    AskNicely helps you measure customer experience, collect feedback automatically or drive reviews. You can use customizable client surveys, which you can send via text message, email, or website to track any customer experience metric such as NPS (Net Performance Score), customer effort score, or customer satisfaction. AskNicely also ensures your customers get timely responses to their feedback.

  3. Clarabridge

    The Clarabridge Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform integrates the customer interactions and feedback data to have the voice of the customer complete insight into a single platform. This platform uses AI to evaluate customer conversations on any media and gives you the necessary information to avoid churn, ensure customer loyalty and act fast on any negative insight. It helps you uncover every nuance of customer behavior for high performance in your business.

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  4. Confirmit

    Confirmit provides a self-service technology that allows you to discover powerful insights into customer satisfaction and fuels action towards better customer experience and business change. It has become harder to distinguish between product offering and price, so harnessing the customer experience is the best solution.

  5. InMoment

    InMoment leverages high impact and emotional moments to connect with valued customers. The platform makes it easy to find those moments and make adjustments according to incremental changes in customer behavior or needs. Understanding your customers and how they experience your product will help you drive actionable business value. You can create surveys and analyze the generated data for making easy action-oriented decisions. The way customers experience products is complex and constantly changing, so you need a modern approach to understanding the big data you gather from different sources.

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  6. Medallia

    Medallia is a platform aware of the changes in today's customer expectations segment. As an entrepreneur, you need to meet those expectations in real-time. First, you need to get a trustworthy view of the voice of your customers from every channel. Second, the collected data needs to be accurately analyzed to make the best decisions regarding customer preferences and prioritize the best opportunities. With the personalized tools available on the platform, you can take action based on tailored data and fast insights.

  7. Qualtrics

    Qualtrics is a complex platform where you can capture and store data on customers, products and brand in one place. Through the database, you receive proactive recommendations for future action with automatic alerts. With Qualtrics, you are one step ahead at all times and make the adjustments necessary to ensure the best customer experience.

  8. Sentisum

    Sentisum helps you categorize support conversations accurately and analyze trends and insights into customer experience on every channel and understand the sentiment of every customer intervention. The platform facilitates reduced response time, 100% accuracy in understanding CSAT and NPS surveys, and quick damage control in angry reviews or social comments.

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  9. SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback

    Survey Monkey allows you to collect customer satisfaction feedback and analyze it with GetFeedback. These tools help you move at the speed of today's customers in a world of rapid change. With GetFeedback, you can collect on-time feedback across multiple channels, understand your customers, spot trends, and drive action to improve customer experience and limit the damage of negative feedback.

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  10. Verint ForSee

    Verint ForSee considers the customer experience a journey that has to be measured to be improved. Verint Experience Management helps you take thoughtful action on CSAT and NPS, going beyond surveys into direct, indirect, and unstructured data to drive the best results. This platform leverages AI to collect, analyze and prioritize information to develop a unified experience across the board.

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Wrapping up

Whether we like it or not, “the customer is our master.” Businesses work because of and together with satisfied customers. VoC tools help you determine what your customer experience with your product is like and make the necessary decisions to make it better. Understanding your customers' desires and behaviors will provide the insights you need to step up your online course business.

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