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How an LMS for entrepreneurs can impact their work

In a world that can't stop learning (seriously, no matter what you do for a living, if you stop learning you fall behind) even small businesses and one-person companies (OPCs) — or any entrepreneur for that matter — can't afford to ignore the advantages that come along when using a learning management system (LMS).

Organizations of all sizes that use an LMS for learning are one step ahead of those that don't, in many aspects related to the good functioning of the business:

  • ability to track learner progress
  • organization of learning content
  • learning efficiency
  • learner engagement
  • employee retention
  • costs.

This post goes a little deeper into these aspects and more, if you'd like to find out more about the positive impact an LMS can have on businesses. Some of those findings are associated with bigger companies and corporations, but most of them stand true even for small businesses.

What's more, implementing an LMS in a small business or a one-person company can help it get an edge over the competition.

Advantages of an LMS for entrepreneurs

Everyone is an entrepreneur now, whether they're aware of that status or not. You can work for a number of clients and call yourself a freelancer or a start-up or a small business, or you could work for just one client, and actually refer to it as an employer. In this day and age — the knowledge economy — entrepreneurship is everywhere. And a learning management system is a great tool that supports it.

So here are some benefits an LMS can bring to entrepreneurs who run one-person companies and small businesses:

Seamlessly create online courses about what you know best

If you have a business you know you can solve someone's pain, and you also know you can do it perfectly. I'm not referring to physical pain (unless you're a chiropractor, maybe) but another kind of pain — personal or professional. Maybe you're a great hairstylist, maybe you know all the ins and outs of doing taxes, maybe your passion for knitting is more than a passion, maybe you live and breathe social media.

Whatever you do — and whatever your business is all about — you can use an LMS to seamlessly create and manage online courses about what you know best.

You already have the knowledge; an LMS is a great way to organize that knowledge in a professional way, all without too many technical skills. That's because an LMS is an online learning hub that provides an indispensable set of features to support efficient teaching and learning.

Promote and sell those great online courses

There used to be an equal sign between having information and holding power. Most of the giant companies today were built on that mantra. But having information alone is just one ingredient of success now. Information is on its way to becoming the greatest currency to reach power. Sharing it is the way to go.

When you know you can solve someone else's pain, you also know that people would pay you to do it, or to be able to learn from you so they could do it too.

Sharing the professional looking online courses you create and safely exchanging the knowledge inside them with real money — all within the same platform — is a great way to grow your business. An LMS comes with various options to market and sell your courses online.

Analyze course data for constant learning

As you create and sell online courses about what you know best, your buyers learn from you, and you learn from them. They learn whatever it is that you're best at and get their pain solved; you learn how other people learn, what type of content works best, and most importantly, how can you improve your course, so you can stay ahead in your industry.

This symbiotic relationship will help you to constantly get better at what you do — sharing knowledge that people are willing to pay for.

A learning management system analyzes learning data and creates targeted reports on any aspect of the course you're interested in. When you dig in the right data, you can find out amazing things about your learners and can therefore adapt your strategy in real time and keep ahead in your industry.

A brand-new LMS for entrepreneurs: INDIE LMS


Independent entrepreneurs (or small businesses or one-person companies) who want to create, manage, promote and sell online courses about what they know best in order to grow their business need the right toolkit to build and deliver content to their audience. Considering the above benefits, an LMS should definitely be a part of that toolkit.

CYPHER LEARNING, the company that owns MATRIX LMS, is proud to launch a new product that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of independent entrepreneurs: INDIE LMS.

INDIE LMS makes it easy to build a great customizable site with an intuitive, mobile-friendly design, where you can create engaging content, market it to new buyers, and constantly analyze learning data. Take the INDIE tour and check out its resources page to learn more about it. You'll find that INDIE LMS comes with all of the above-mentioned advantages for independent entrepreneurs, and more.

And if you'll grow your one-person company to a small business, or your small business to a medium-sized one, you know you can always count on MATRIX.