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Career development glossary & common definitions


Demystify key career development concepts. From Career Coaching to Continuous Learning and beyond, discover how LMS platforms empower individuals in goal setting, skill development, and navigating diverse career paths. Explore insights into professional growth, mentorship, and upskilling, unlocking the potential of lifelong learning with the aid of LMS resources.

Career coaching

LMS features can support career coaching initiatives by providing resources, assessments, and progress tracking tools for individuals under coaching guidance.

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Career development plan

LMS tools can align with individual career development plans, offering access to courses and resources tailored to specific career goals.

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Career path

An LMS can map out career-related courses and training programs, guiding individuals through the necessary steps to advance along their chosen career path.

Certification program

LMS can host certification programs, tracking progress and completion of courses leading to professional certifications.

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Competency assessment

LMS platforms may include tools for competency assessments, helping individuals and organizations identify strengths and areas for improvement.

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Continuous learning

LMS fosters a culture of continuous learning by providing a diverse range of courses that individuals can access at any stage of their careers.

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Career pathing

A predefined route that individuals can follow within an organization to advance their careers, often involving different roles, responsibilities, and skill development.


A process for increasing technical competencies through studies, testing, and practical application while also working toward a recognized designation.

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Collaborative learning

Platform features in an LMS that allow learners to engage in shared activities, projects, and peer-to-peer discussions fostering collective knowledge creation, collaboration, and real-time communication to enhance the overall learning experience.

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The acquisition of knowledge, skill, or attitude that prepares people for new directions or responsibilities. It may also refer to the third phase in ADDIE, in which training materials and content are selected and developed based on learning objectives.

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Emotional intelligence

The ability to accurately identify and understand one's own emotional reactions and those of others. This eighth intelligence, based on Gardner's multiple intelligence theory, was popularized by Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence.

Employee development

The strategic and continuous process of enhancing the knowledge, skills, abilities, and overall capabilities of individuals within an organization.

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Feedback loop

LMS platforms often include feedback mechanisms, facilitating regular communication between learners and supervisors or peers.

Goal setting

LMS features can support goal setting by allowing users to track progress toward learning objectives and career milestones.

Job enrichment

LMS can provide resources for job enrichment, offering courses and materials that make job roles more challenging and fulfilling.

Job rotation

LMS can support job rotation initiatives by offering training programs and resources for employees transitioning between roles.

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Learning pathway

LMS platforms enable the creation of structured learning pathways, guiding users through a sequence of courses aligned with their career development goals.

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Lifelong learning

LMS platforms encourage lifelong learning by providing a vast library of courses and resources that individuals can access throughout their careers.

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Mentorship program

LMS platforms may facilitate mentorship programs by providing a platform for mentor-mentee communication and access to shared learning resources.

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Personal development plan (PDP)

LMS tools can align with personal development plans, providing a repository of courses and resources for individual growth.

Performance review

LMS can track and report on user performance, providing data for performance reviews and insights into areas for improvement.

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Professional development

LMS platforms offer a centralized space for accessing a variety of professional development courses, allowing users to enhance their skills and knowledge conveniently.

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Real-time learning

Where instructors and students interact in a specific virtual place, through a specific online medium, at a specific time.

Resume building

Creating a document outlining one’s professional experience, education, and skills.

Skill development

Acquiring new skills or improving existing ones relevant to one's career aspirations.

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Succession planning

LMS can aid in identifying and developing future leaders by offering targeted training programs and tracking the progress of high-potential employees.

Synchronous learning

If you’re new to the world of learning management systems, the common language and acronyms used daily can easily become overwhelming.


LMS can offer upskilling opportunities through a variety of courses, ensuring employees acquire the necessary skills to meet evolving job requirements.

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Workplace reskilling

LMS supports reskilling initiatives by offering targeted courses that align with changing job roles and technological advancements.

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