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CYPHER ranked #1 LMS for Usability Mid-Market, 3 times in a row by G2!

CYPHER ranked #1 LMS for Usability Mid-Market, 3 times in a row by G2!

CYPHER Learning has once again secured top honors in the G2 Spring Awards. This season, we proudly earned the "Best Usability Mid-Market" and "Easiest Admin Enterprise" badges for the third consecutive time! This means we've ranked among the top three LMSs for usability for the past three seasons! In addition to these prestigious awards, we also earned “Easiest To Do Business With Enterprise,” “High Performer Enterprise,”  Spring leader, and more.

Our success is not just a testament to our talented team but also to our loyal customers, whose feedback continually inspires us to innovate and improve. Each badge, earned through validated customer reviews, underscores the positive impact CYPHER has on educators, trainers, learners, and organizations.

Now, let's dive into what these badges mean!

Best Usability - Mid-Market

Best Usability Mid-Market encompasses everything from our easy-to-navigate interface to our purposeful and packaged AI. The allure of CYPHER’s interface lies in our stunning design – it’s gorgeous, intuitive, and easy to use. From our graphical dashboards to adaptive learning paths, find everything you want exactly when and where you expect. Our human-centric approach focuses on clarity over complexity, so users remain in control without sacrificing on capabilities.

Easiest Admin - Enterprise

CYPHER's administrative experience is the perfect balance between power and simplicity. It offers comprehensive features while maintaining a streamlined and user-friendly interface. With a wealth of options, including 55 pre-built and customizable reporting tools, administrators can make informed decisions and track progress effectively. Its intuitive design ensures that even complex administrative tasks can be performed effortlessly, without requiring extensive training or a steep learning curve.

Easiest To Do Business With - Enterprise

At CYPHER, we hold our customer relationships in the highest regard. We prioritize open communication and personalized support to ensure every interaction with our team is positive. From the initial onboarding process to ongoing support, we strive to make every step of the journey seamless and enjoyable for our customers. Our dedication to being the "Easiest To Do Business With" means that we go above and beyond to meet our customers' needs, building trust and loyalty.

High Performer - Enterprise

High performers consistently achieve exceptional customer satisfaction scores on G2, emphasizing our commitment to delivering outstanding results. This recognition validates our position as a trusted partner for enterprises seeking impactful learning solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and success.